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Homeschools and Dads

One of the comments I hear as Vice President of our local homeschool group is, “My husband is concerned about sports when the kids get older.” Well, it’s a very valid concern if you have a child that is geared for sports or the dad is. I have to admit...

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Wishful Thinking

While at my church today in my mother’s office, I noticed some books on a shelf. I hadn’t really been looking for anything in particular, just at some high school bible study curriculum. It belonged to my pastor because he used to teach at a private christian school. Well he...

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Making Recitations Work!

I finally finished reading “The Recitations”! What a wake up call that was! This book was copyrighted around 1910 and was such a sweet reminder to simpler days. It made me think of Laura Ingalls teaching school in that one room school house on the prairie or one of the...

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