A Homeschooling, Blogging Mom’s Work is Never Done

My desk was covered today with work to catch up on.  My printer went crazy on me awhile ago and I couldn’t print or set-up anything correctly. Which meant I couldn’t even work on my book, but woohoo it’s finally fixed! I also lost a day of school yesterday since I had to take Emily to the doctor.  Actually I’ve taken one child to the doctor every week for the past three weeks. So today, I’m playing catch up and I thought it was crazy how everything was all over my desk.  I figured all of you homeschooling, blogging moms would understand and maybe get a laugh out of it, too.Homeschool Mom Desk


My desk with all my work all spread out and someone is hiding behind my computer.  I love the light through the window. I still need to redo my lampshade.  It’s driving me nuts!  Papers to grade like my son’s chemistry test.  My To-Do list which is never ending like all moms.  The rough draft of my new book that I was proofing while Spencer was testing and Emily was doing Math.  My weekly planner/blog planner out so that I can make notes about what I’ve gotten done and everything that still needs to be done.  And look, my inbox is full of papers to grade!


And Tux pops out from behind my laptop to see what I’m up to now.  I think I disturbed his nap.  He’s so fluffy!  And least someone can nap while there’s so much to do!

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