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Wishful Thinking

While at my church today in my mother’s office, I noticed some books on a shelf. I hadn’t really been looking for anything in particular, just at some high school bible study curriculum. It belonged to my pastor because he used to teach at a private christian school. Well he saw that I was looking at it and took the time to help me figure out which one would be good to use with my high schooler. I started joking with him that I would love to find one that would work great with my youngest daughter. We joked about how she was my challenge. She’s a great, sweet girl. She’s very creative, organized (could probably plan an entire wedding, I kid you not!) and very smart. Her personality is so much like mine, but yet so very different! Alot smarter! Anyway, I’ve never found anything that really clicked with her and with the other two, Bible study was easy. Whatever I put in front of them was fine.
Then after I got home, I checked my email. Guess what had been sent? A Bible study program for girls. God is just too funny some times! It’s a Bible study using paper dolls. How cute is that? It discusses exactly what I need for my little girl. Things like being respectful, being kind, how to be a good daughter (wife), and much more. It’s so sweet! I even mentioned it to her and she said “cool”! God knew exactly what she needed and when she needed it. I just needed to be patient and wait for the right time. God’s time. He knew exactly when to send it!
It never ceases to amaze me how God will just show up to surprise you sometimes. I immediately emailed it to my mom at church so she could show our pastor. I downloaded it from a website called Currclick (formerly Homeschool E Store). If you are a member they send you stuff for free each week and this happened to be the free download. The link is above under the title if you would like to check it out.

Schooling in 2008 Laura Ingalls Style!

This is my 10th year homeschooling and I’ll admit there is so much to learn. This year, God has decided to take me back to the olden days of school. When children went to a one room schoolhouse. I began reading over the summer books by Charlotte Mason. Then I got the opportunity to get another Charlotte Mason book and it began to speak to me. Some of it, I was already doing without even realizing it and some of it I planned on putting in place this school year. Well, as the school year has gone on, I realized my children are learning the best they’ve ever learned. But, there was still something missing. Something very basic it seemed. Then tonight, as I was meandering through the internet looking for what would make some of our harder subjects click, it hit me!

I started to remember what Emily (my youngest) and I had read not long ago in a Little House on the Prairie book. Laura had gone to teach her first school, and they started each day with recitations from their lessons. I couldn’t figure out at first what they exactly meant. I thought how boring to recite so much. My kids would probably shoot me if I made them do it. But I thought I’d do a little research on the subject. I ran across an ebook from Project Gutenberg on recitations by George Herbert Betts. I downloaded it and started reading it immediately. I’m only on part two of the book, but it has changed my mind so far. It really explains the type of recitations they were doing in the late 1800’s – to early 1900’s. Some of it, you already do in school like: multiplication fact drills, spelling drills, etc. But, he really goes into detail about how it is so much more than that and how to do it properly and so the student enjoys it.

It appears at the moment God has led me to a missing link to our schoolwork. Who would have thought that God would use a Little House on the Prairie book so quietly to work on our school? So, by Monday I hope to have finished the book and begin putting a little more one-room school house in my little homeschool. I’ll keep you posted!

Homeschools and Dads

One of the comments I hear as Vice President of our local homeschool group is, “My husband is concerned about sports when the kids get older.” Well, it’s a very valid concern if you have a child that is geared for sports or the dad is. I have to admit that when we were thinking about homeschooling 10 year ago, it was a concern of ours. We figured that if our kids were athletic then by high school they would be in public school so they could play sports and possibly have a chance for a scholarship. What could homeschool sports, if there was such a thing offer?

As we went along homeschooling over the years, we began to wonder more about sports. My husband grew up playing sports and it became more obvious that our kids loved sports also. We began to wonder what it would be like after they aged out of rec. leagues, little leagues and the Y. Would we need to put them in public school to get to play? Then we discovered that our homeschool group had a joint team with another homeschool group.

We researched it and really liked what we heard. I’ll be the first to tell you this is not rec. ball! It is full on, totally competitive ball! It was a life saver, not only for my kids, my school, but it gave my husband something to brag to his friends and family about. Ok, us too! It has given my husband the outlet to have his kids in sports. Something to share with the guys at work, when they talk about their kid scoring the winning basket. It has also given us the opportunity to share homeschooling with friends, family and any other doubters about homeschooling.

There have been several dads that have heard about our sports program that have changed their minds about homeschooling because of the level of the competition. More and more dads are allowing their kids to play homeschool sports all the way through high school. Colleges are now even paying attention!

What we have learned over the past couple of years is an amazing answer to our question. An amazing answer to our prayers! Homeschool sports offer so much. Much more than just a chance to play sports, more than to give Dad something to brag about, but a chance to grow as an athlete, meet fellow homeschoolers, get looked at by colleges and most importantly, grow spiritually. And it has given my homeschooling husband, a chance to share something he loves with his children in a Christ honoring, competitive atmosphere.

Ok, we’ve all had one of those weeks when everything is just crazy. This has been one of those weeks. We were originally supposed to take this week off for Spring Break. But due to several events all taking place at about the same time, that was moved to last week. I’m one of those homeschool moms that have the disease of I can do it all! I had an athletic banquet to plan, (which I absolutely love doing!), my beloved van blew up and I help manage our homeschool team. Not to mention I’m a dance teacher and etc. at church. And then my son announced that I have to sew him a historically accurate frontier costume for church, by this Sunday! Trust me, I didn’t mention all of that to brag on myself. Not by a long shot! Just that I think God has a sense of humor! He created it after all. I’m just beginning to understand what the Bible means when it says that if you can be trusted to do good with a little, God will trust you with a lot. So, when I start to complain about all that I have to get done and where am I going to find the time, I have to think… is this part of the ministry that I’ve been entrusted with? or did I just tack this onto myself? Then I remember to take a deep breath, pray, and God created the time! How cool!

My first blog ever!!

Hi World!

This is my very first blog ever! We are a homeschooling schooling family of 5! My husband, my three kids and myself. I have a daughter 14, a son 12, and another daughter 91/2. Don’t forget the 1/2! We have been homeschooling for 10 years. My kids have never been to any other school, not even daycare or preschool. We are a sports crazy family. Let me put it like this. I’m a girly-girl. Not very sporty at all. But, I married a sports fan. My children are all sporty. Even my little 9 year old princess will get down in the softball dirt with the best of them. It’s funny how God works! He has taken the most non-sports person and turned her (me!) into a homeschool sports advocate! Can you believe it? I would have never dreamed it. But God did! I have become very passionate about homeschooling and spreading the word about homeschool sports. I still don’t play them very well, and I certainly don’t understand everything there is to know about a sport. But I do know that God has a plan for homeschooling and His athletes!!!