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Spring Cleaning: Ceilings, Ceiling Fans and Lights

Starting your spring cleaning?  Lookup!  Ceilings, ceiling fans and lights first!

If you’re following along my Kitchen Deep Spring Cleaning Master List, you know it’s time to start Spring Cleaning: Ceilings, Ceiling Fans and Lights.  If you haven’t started spring cleaning that’s a great place to start.  Today is all about looking up.  How often do you actually look up at your ceiling?  Probably not often, but it get really dirty up there.  So, let’s get started.

Why start with the ceiling?  Because according to Sir Isaac Newton, what goes up must come down.  You’d hate to have everything looking pristine and picture perfect in your kitchen and then realize you have tons of cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling and light fixtures and then have all of that dust fall on everything you just cleaned.  Let’s start with the ceiling.

Tools Needed For Ceiling:

A broom, or duster long enough to reach the ceiling and those corners

Dust rags, microfiber cloths or paper towels

Glass Cleaner

Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-purpose Cleaner

To begin, I went ahead and took down my curtains to keep them from getting any dustier.  Starting in one corner of the room, start removing cobwebs and dust and work your way around the room.  Check the ceiling around light fixtures, smoke alarms and ceiling fans and the tops of cabinets for dust.

Take down light fixtures and clean with glass cleaner inside and outside of the globes and set to the side to dry.  Don’t forget to wipe the dust off your light bulbs!  But do this with the lights off.  Replace any burned out bulbs now, or replace with more energy-efficient ones.  Replace globes when dry.Spring Cleaning:  Ceilings, Ceiling Fans and Lights

Ceiling fans get really dirty, at least in my house.  In most rooms of the house, I can use the pillowcase trick to capture the dust off the blades, but in the kitchen where cooking oil travels in the air, the dust tends to stick a little.  Gross!  See the pic?  I’m almost embarrassed by it.  Please ignore the mess in the background!   This is a real house and that just happens to be the next room on my spring cleaning list.  Look the broom is in the corner, so you know I’ve been cleaning!  Also, on my to-do list, get the trim moulding done!Spring Cleaning:  Ceilings, Ceiling Fans and Lights

Told you it was icky!  So how do you get a really icky ceiling fan sparkling clean?  First I used my vacuum cleaner with the long hose attachment and vacuumed off as much dust as I could.  Then I took all of the blades off and took off the globes.

Cleaners used for ceiling fan:

White Vinegar

Baking Soda

Dawn Dish Soap

Wash Rag

First I used  hot water and Dawn and gave them a good wash.  This removed a good bit of stuff.  Then I scrubbed them with a paste of baking soda and vinegar.  It was amazing!   A couple of the blades I had to go over a couple of times, but they came clean.  I did the same things with the globes.  Place them on paper towels to dry.  I guess I should also include that it takes a Route 44 drink from Sonic and some pretzels to get this done. Look!  My cow is hiding!  He’s shy.Spring Cleaning:  Ceilings, Ceiling Fans and Lights

See how pretty the blades are now?  Just ignore where I got paint on them from when I painted the ceiling.  Note to self…take the ceiling fan down before painting the ceiling!  Next, I cleaned the fan itself and I used Mrs. Myers Multi-Purpose Cleaner.  Once everything is really dry, put it back together and you’ll have a super, sparkly ceiling fan!

That’s it!  Next you can move on to windows and walls.  But at least now with clean lights you can see everything that needs to be cleaned.  I was surprised, how much brighter my kitchen was after cleaning my light fixtures and they weren’t dirty.  On to the next part of spring cleaning!  Don’t forget to download your Kitchen Deep Spring Cleaning Master List!

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Spring Cleaning Time! Kitchen Deep Spring Cleaning Master List

Welcome to my new series Spring Cleaning Time!  

It’s time to get our houses in order and have less stress and more time, which is exactly what every woman needs.  This is not your typical spring cleaning where you give most things a good cleaning, this is a true deep cleaning of everything you own as I discussed here.  But, it’s not meant to be overwhelming, which can and does happen when we start large projects like this.  Honestly, I have found it to be liberating and with each item I clean or purge, my stress level goes down a tiny bit and I enjoy the room a little more.

Like I said in the series introduction, this is a true deep cleaning taken room by room and sometimes, project by project.  Today, I’m posting the master list for the kitchen.  I think this is the hardest room in the house and why not get the hardest over first?  I was always taught to do the hardest, or messiest thing first and work your way down.  Then the last thing you do is a piece of cake!

So here is the list:


To print or download a pdf please click here…Printable Letter Size Kitchen Deep Cleaning Master List

I’ve tried to include everything that I could think of, or that I personally did in my own kitchen, but I’m sure there are things that I’ve missed. Fill them in on your printout and then let me know so I can update my list.

Next up will be a post about products and how-to’s that I’ve used in the kitchen.  There are some great products and simple techniques that will make your deep  spring cleaning simplified.

Happy spring y’all!Blog Signature

Spring Cleaning Series Coming Soon

The birds are chirping and the sun is out and my van is now turning yellow, that means it’s time for spring cleaning…

I love spring cleaning!  I know, I must be crazy, but there is just something about the act of spring cleaning that makes me feel good.  I feel organized, lighter, and I even like cooking and cleaning more when my house looks good.  Even with my kitchen floors a mess from remodeling, (no, we haven’t even came close to finishing the kitchen floors) and I need to repaint the kitchen cabinets and I still need to get all the trim work finished, and I’ve noticed the ceiling needs to be repainted, I still feel better.

There are tons of things I’ve noticed I’ve got to do by spring cleaning.  I think a lot of things we overlook because we get so used to them and simply ignore them over time.  This year is the first time in years that I’ve done a true deep cleaning of just about everything in my kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong, I spring clean just about every year, but have I really deep cleaned?

This spring, I’ve decided to challenge myself.  I gave myself the challenge of doing a very thorough deep cleaning of each room of my house and as I go through each room, make a list of things that need to fixed, finished, or changed.  I’m going to purge and get of anything that is broken and can’t be fixed, anything that I don’t use, and anything that I don’t like.  I’m no longer going to display items that I’m not really crazy about just because someone gave it to me.

I’m going to clean, really clean each and every nook and cranny.  I’ll be posting my lists of what I’m tackling in each room and those may even be broken down by what I’m cleaning.  For example:  I’m currently in the kitchen and yesterday I did the windows.  So I’ll make a post about how and what I used to clean my windows.  I know all of this may sound boring to you.  But, I have found out that I’m learning about myself as I continue through this project.  So far, I’ve found out that I don’t like a lot of stuff sitting around.  I honestly thought that I liked having lots of decorations, but I don’t.

As I clean and purge, I have found out that I’m really more of a minimalist than I ever thought.  I’m more of a clean freak than I ever thought. I’ve also discovered an effect on my mood that I didn’t plan on.  I’m less stressed when I walk in my kitchen.  Even though I’m not finished with the kitchen yet, and the sink is overflowing from last night’s supper, I’m actually less stressed about it than I would have been a week ago.  I think because now when I walk in, I don’t see all the clutter, all the dirt and all the dishes and I’m not as overwhelmed.  Not to mention, my body is so sore.  I mean, I’m on a heating pad each night to sleep and taking Tylenol.  Who knew spring cleaning could be this much of a workout?  Boost!

I know, there are tons of spring cleaning checklists on Pinterest.  But, I bet none of them are going to be as detailed as mine.  As I work each room, I’ll post the list and as I work on each item on the list, I’ll post more details, including products that I’m using, tips and links.  I’ll also post about any decorating that I do also, I already have several DIY crafts for the kitchen!

Spring cleaning can get mundane and boring at times.  To make it a little more fun, try these ideas:

  • Crank up some music
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Listen to a book
  • Call a friend while you clean
  • Enjoy the quiet?

Keep checking back for more spring cleaning tips!

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Stress and Real Ways to Deal With It

Stress!  Everyone has it.  Sometimes we don’t even realize how much of it we carry.  Everyone tells us to let it go, but how?  Here’s some real ways to deal with it…

Stress is one of those things that everyone deals with a some level or another.  A lot of times I’m extremely stressed and I don’t even think I am.  That’s how used to stress we are.  Stress can do a number on your body, your family and your life.  It affects everything.  Doctors, friends and family tell you to let go of your stress and not worry, but how in the world are you supposed to do that?

You have a family to take care, a job, a house to clean, errands to run, church obligations, kids’ activities to get to, a homeschool (or other type of school), etc, and that’s just the beginning!  Don’t forget bills to pay, relationships, family issues, illnesses; I think I’ll stop here.  I’m stressing myself out!  How are we supposed to “let go” of these stresses?  They are a part of life that we can’t escape?  I’m no expert, but I am trying to find ways to deal with the stresses that come along daily.  Here are some ideas that I have found to help with stress is annoying to life altering.

Prayer:  It’s the easiest and yet the hardest thing to do and it’s probably the most overlooked.  It’s the easiest because it really doesn’t require anything of us, except to take a moment and do it.  Start the day off with prayer. Pray when you feel stressed. Pray to close the day.  It doesn’t have to be full of thou’s and shall’s, just normal honest conversation between you and God.  Tell Him what’s going on (Pssst!  He already knows by the way!) and how you feel about it.  Not sure how or what to pray?  There’s an app for that!

Try the Abide: Prayer & Meditation app.  It’s guided prayers.  These can really help for when you’re at a loss for words or when you need something to help you remember to pray.  It has tons of prayers for different topics.

Bible Study/Devotion:  Again something that’s so simple that we often forget about it.  Pick a topic and it doesn’t have to be something heavy.  Sometimes choosing something that is different or light can be fun!  A good study can also help us learn coping skills for whatever is going on in our lives.  Try YouVersion, it’s my favorite!

Exercise:  Go get some fresh air!   Take a walk around the yard.  When it’s warm, I strap my phone to my arm, record my walk in Map My Walk and crank up some music while I walk.  Depending on my mood, I could choose anything from Contemporary Christian to head banging.  Anything that gets the heart rate up is great for your mood.  Do some yoga, or stretching.  It does wonders before bed.  There are tons of yoga videos to choose from on YouTube.

Meditation or Mindfulness apps:  This is new to me, but I love it!  We forget during the day to breathe.  I’m using Pacifica, but there are several out there.  I’m learning how to take time to breathe.  It’s like a mommy timeout!  There’s nothing religious about it, but you certainly could use it as prayer time.  This app in particular checks on my mood throughout the day and exercises on how I can improve it.  It’s teaching me techniques to deal with things that cause me stress, anxiety and even depression.  I love it!

Planning:  Take time to plan your week/day.  You can’t plan for everything and you certainly can’t get everything done.  Planning helps you to visual what you need, or want to get done.  Meal planning ahead of time takes away the stress figuring out at suppertime what to fix.  Organizing who needs to be where at what time and who’s taking them, removes some stress.  Checking things off a list can make you feel empowered and less stressed with each check mark.  Planning your homeschool keeps you on schedule and more efficient with your day.

Journaling:  Write down your feelings, your emotions.  You can also use apps for this.  Pacifica and others are great for this!  Somethings just writing things down, puts everything in perspective.  Grab a Wreck-It Journal for something really fun!

Call a confidant:  Sometimes we just need to talk it out, or cry it out.  They may not be able to solve our problem, but just having someone to talk to can take a massive load off our shoulders.  We need to communicate more.  Too often we’re so caught up in our lives, or we don’t want to burden anyone.  But that’s what our friends are for, if they are real friends.  If you don’t want to talk to a friend, find someone like a pastor, or counselor that you can talk to.  Pick up the phone!

There are tons of things that can help you manage your stress.  I think stress is with us all the time.  Right now, we are dealing we the life altering stress of my husband possibly having cancer and my daughter’s seventh surgery and I’m learning how to manage all the stress that comes with those.  I have to, my health depends on it.  My stress level had gotten so bad that it sent me straight in for a CT scan and really did a number on me; so I have to teach myself and my body how to deal with it.  Learning to deal with it will make you a better wife, mom and a healthier person and it will for you, too.

These are just a few ideas on managing stress.  But the great things is they are ideas that you can put into practice today.  How do you deal with stress?

P.S.  That’s me in the picture, at the orthopedist’s office.  I just found out my daughter was going to have to have her seventh surgery.  She thought she would secretly snap a picture of me finding out.  Silly girl!

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The Spring Cleaning Bug has bit me hard!  Today I’m starting in my kitchen.  I’m pulling everything out of my cabinets and drawers and giving it a complete cleaning and organization makeover.  My family is probably not gonna like me today, but when it’s all done…Magic!

Kicking Kidney Cancer’s Butt!

Just wanted to let all of you know that my husband’s kidney cancer surgery went great!  He had surgery last Thursday to remove a portion of one kidney that had a small tumor.  First surgery is now done and he can heal, then it’s one more surgery to go.  Next surgery they will be completely removing the other kidney.  He is doing great, in awesome spirits and not even hurting; a little sore, but very little pain.  Thank you so much for all the prayers! God’s Got This!

Got My Blog Back!

I’ve got my blog back!  Well, almost…

Hi y’all!  It’s been over a month since I was hacked and man have I learned a lot.  First off, for those of you that blog, here’s the details of what we think might have happened and what I’m doing to fix it.

Like many of you, I was in the grocery store getting supper and I was going to look up one of my recipes on my blog to use; I think it was one of my gnocchi soup recipes.  Anyway, I went to Pinterest, found my pin and went to my blog.  Yes, I took the long way of getting of there, but that’s beside the point!  All of a sudden, a porn site popped up.  I tried not to completely freak out in the middle of the store and just thought to myself that maybe somehow the pin actually got redirected and I tried again and all was fine with the world.

Next day, I received a message from a reader graciously letting me know that my site was redirecting to porn and apparently a college essay site, which I would find out later.  Who knew?  I totally freaked out and started trying to run a scan on my site and it wouldn’t work.  I tried to delete the antivirus/firewall plugin that I was using so I could download another one and it wouldn’t delete.  Every time I tried it kept asking for my ftp information, weird right?  Then I remembered that a few months ago, I had some weird hiccup on my blog and I had to delete my antivirus and decided to try a new one.

I’m pretty sure this is when everything started.  I also received an email that came through my Contact me page, and it seemed legit, except it was very personal.  They seemed to have been following my blog for a very long time, but it was oddly personal with lots of spelling mistakes.

From this point on I’ve been back and forth with GoDaddy, SiteLock, my personal techie, and hours and hours of research and trial and error trying to figure out what happened and what to do.  I immediately put the site in maintenance mode so that no one would have to go to that disgusting site.  GoDaddy did everything they could, short of deleting my site, which is a bloggers worst nightmare.  SiteLock was gracious and I did pay $80 for antivirus/firewall that I was talked into, but it couldn’t fix it and then they wanted me to pay over $200 or $50 a month for them to fix it.

We found out that the hack actually altered my core WordPress files and images, in other words, a total loss.  I cried, I actually broke down and cried as if my best friend had died.  I just knew that years of blogging were gone.  So now what?  I decided to not do anything for a while.  Just sit, breathe, pray and then not even think about it.

So I handed my computer over to my favorite techie to make sure that my computer itself wasn’t infected.  I figured if I left it alone, maybe something would come to me.  Maybe I would start over with a new blog and a new domain, or maybe I would just quit altogether.  Then it came to me, would starting over be the worst thing in the world?  Nope!

So I thought I backed up my blog using the export tool from my WordPress dashboard.  Apparently that’s not the best backup method.  Anyway, I contacted GoDaddy, and decided to take the site down.  My thought was, if I took the bad, broken site down, downloaded a fresh install of WordPress and just started with everything fresh, it would be all clean, in theory.

It worked!  Well, sort of.  The install was a success.  It’s taken a lot of tweaking here and there and a good bit of back and forth with GoDaddy and JetPack to get some things working smoothly,but I have my site back.  I did lose three years worth of blog posts due to them being corrupted by the hacked and all of my images.  I’m having to reinstall every plugin and redesign my entire site.  It’s taking forever, but I’m getting there.  I run WordFence with every time I’ve uploaded files or migrated files. I’m having to go over each post and upload all images and configure the SEO all over again.  Not to mention, I still have three years worth of posts that I still need to upload from my XML file of my site.

But, that’s ok.  I have my site back and it’s going to be better than before.  I’ve learned, to be very careful when things seem a little fishy.  Use a backup plugin to store your files offsite your host, don’t rely on the export site tool in the dashboard either.  Have a good antivirus and firewall on your site and change your passwords occasionally.  I sure have learned a lot from all of this and I hope you have too.  I still have a lot of work to do and I hope you’ll be patient with me as I rebuild, but in the end, starting over hasn’t been so bad either.

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A Battle We Didn’t Expect-Cancer

All of us will face battles from time to time.  Most battles we can anticipate, but some come out of the blue.  Our family is facing a battle we didn’t expect-cancer.

2017 has started off with a bang for our family.  We thought last year was crazy with 5 surgeries in our little family; Becca had wisdom teeth surgery and rotator/labrum surgery, I had a hysterectomy and Emily had knee surgery and labrum surgery.  We should be done right?  Well, I guess not.  Now it’s my husband’s turn and we’re facing a battle we weren’t prepared for and a battle we didn’t expect.  My husband has cancer.

My husband has cancer.  Those are words I never expected to say.  They don’t even want to come out of my mouth.  But now I’m being forced to say them.  He’s being forced to say it.  Our kids are being forced to say it.  Not how we expected 2017 to begin, but here we go.  First I’ll tell you how we found out because it’s just a testament to how God works and how we could have easily missed it.

My husband, Todd, is only 50 and very active and healthy, so when he had a lump/knot thing come up on his shoulder-blade, me and a lot of doctors and nurses that he works with (he works at a hospital) encouraged him to see his primary doctor and get it checked out.  We all figured it just fatty tissue and nothing really to worry about.  His doctor decided to send him in for a scan just to check.  Everyone was right, it was no big deal, BUT, she saw tumors on his kidneys and immediately consulted with a Urologist and they both agreed it was cancer and it was aggressive.

He had to tell us, and I sat frozen for so long, unable to speak, or move.  I couldn’t even ask questions, or check on the kids.  I think I honestly went into shock.  Then fear hit me when I looked in his eye and saw this wasn’t a dream.  He took the news very well, he’s a rock that man.  The kids, well, I’m amazed.  I’m the one that’s freaking out!  Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of appointments.  Just so you know, he feels great!  No symptoms at all!  Which is the weirdest thing, because when people find out, they expect him to actually look sick, or feel sick, but he doesn’t.  Matter of fact, if he hadn’t had the lump come up on his back we would have NEVER known he has Kidney Cancer.  That lump saved his life!

In a  little over a week from now, my husband will have a part of one kidney removed, and then a month from that, he will have the other kidney completely removed.  All of the doctors we’ve spoken to, have said that he will be able to live a completely normal life after his surgeries and recovery, even will one partial kidney.  Totally blows my mind!  Just think about how many times we go in for physical, and they do blood work and everything checks out fine.  That’s what my husband has had, normal blood work!  It would never have been caught and one of his tumors is huge; covering 1/2 to 3/4 of the kidney.  Makes you wonder if everyone should have a head to toe scan every year to catch stuff.

So far, the hardest parts have been listening to my husband tell us the news and the waiting to find out what exactly we’re facing.  Waiting to find out, if I was still going to have a husband and a father for our kids.  Waiting to get to the specialist.  The fear of all of the unknown.  Telling other people.  Having other people look like they are going to break down, for you when you tell them or they ask how we’re doing, but you’re smiling because you have a secret that’s really not a secret to those that have faith.

From the moment he found out, my husband looked at us and said, “I’m not worried because God’s got this.” Whatever the outcome, He’s got this.”  That’s what we’ve been saying and that’s what we believe.  So when other people look at us like we’re crazy for not freaking out, or not falling apart (which I promise I have my moments and I know that all of us have at some time), we just tell them, God’s got this.  Does it mean this will be a cakewalk?  Of course not.  It just means, that He’s here with us.  It means, we’re ready to fight and he’s fighting with us.  It means my husband has a life to live and he plans to live it and be back on the lake fishing tournaments by spring!  It means that even though this is a battle that we weren’t prepared for, that God is already prepared for it and He’s got this.  We just have to trust Him.

Please be in prayer for my husband and our family.

God’s Got This!

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Best Barbeque Meatballs

Absolutely the easiest and best barbeque meatballs in the world!  This is a favorite recipe of my kids.  They ask for it over and over! It’s quick, easy, and very tasty!  I’ve taken it to church and potlucks and it’s always a hit.  It even works great as an appetizer!

I’ve been making this barbeque meatball recipe for as long as I can remember.  I don’t even remember where I got the recipe from, but it’s definitely yummy.  I love serving it with a plate of steamy, white rice or creamy macaroni and cheese.


2 pounds ground beef

1-2 eggs

2 tbsp. flour

2 tsp. mustard

1/2 tsp. onion powder

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 –1/2 tsp. garlic powder (optional)

BBQ Sauce:

1 cup ketchup

1 cup water

2 Tbsp. sugar

1/2 apple cider vinegar


Spray a large baking dish with non-stick spray.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a large bowl mix all of the meatball ingredients.  Make meatballs about 1 1/2″ diameter and put in baking dish.  Set aside.

In a small bowl mix all of the barbeque sauce ingredients.  Pour over meatballs and bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes.  Cook time is determined by the size of the meatballs or to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Great served with rice or macaroni and cheese!

Crockpot Version:  Make just like above and put in crockpot.  Cook on slow for 4-6 hours.

Red Velvet Cheerwine Cupcakes For My Valentine

Red Velvet Cheerwine Cupcakes…For my Valentine…Perfection!

My husband is crazy for Cheerwine and don’t go thinking that it’s liquor! It’s not, it’s only the best soda in the entire world. There is no description for it because there is nothing like it. It’s closest cousin is a cherry soda, but that would be like a seventh cousin. It’s amazing and full of cherry flavor and all fizzy and yummy. Ok, back to the recipe!  I saw a picture online of a cupcake that was red velvet with Cheerwine, cream cheese frosting with dark chocolate drizzle and a maraschino cherry on top. Sounds divine, right? Well I spent the better part of yesterday looking for the recipe but I couldn’t find one. I found versions of red velvet with Cheerwine, but none exactly like what I wanted. So what’s a girl to do when she wants to surprise her valentine? Come up with it on her own! They are so good!  

Ingredients for the Cupcakes:

1 Duncan Hines Red Velvet Specialty cake mix

2 eggs

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1 1/2 cups of Cheerwine

1 Tbsp. maraschino cherry juice

1 tsp. vanilla flavoring


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all of the above together just like the cake mix calls for. Be careful opening the Cheerwine! If you are inexperienced with Cheerwine, then you don’t know about its exploding all over the kitchen capabilities and turning everything within a 10’ radius pink! So open it very slowly. Line your muffin pan with cupcake liners and fill 2/3 full. Bake at 350 degrees. Allow to cool completely before frosting. Put them in the fridge to cool completely.

Icing Ingredients:

1/2 stick of butter room temperature

8 oz. package of cream cheese softened

1 large bag of powdered sugar (8 cup size)

1 tsp. vanilla flavoring

1/2 cup Cheerwine

4 tsp. maraschino cherry juice

Cream butter and cream cheese together until smooth. Add vanilla, maraschino cherry juice and Cheerwine and mix. Slowly add 5 cups of powdered sugar about 1 cup at a time until all creamed together. Add more sugar until desired thickness is reached. Sit in the fridge to set and thicken up for a little bit. Ice cupcakes. I put mine in an icing bag with no tip and swirled it around the cupcake. Put cupcakes back in the fridge to harden while youmake the drizzle.

Chocolate Drizzle:

1 square of semi sweet chocolate

1-2 Tbsp. butter

Put both in a bowl and microwave at 30 second intervals, stir and continue until chocolate is melted. Mix thoroughly. Take cupcakes out the fridge and using a spoon drizzle the chocolate over the cupcakes. Top with a maraschino cherry.

My flub for the day: The first time I made the icing I used a whole stick of butter and I just couldn’t get the icing to thicken up and stick to the cupcake. So I wound up using a whole bag of powdered sugar and a good bit from another one. I realized I used way too much butter, the oil in the butter was keeping it from thickening and making it slippery and so was the corn syrup in the cherry juice. So in the recipe above I cut the butter down to 1/2 stick. That should work much better! Or you can leave it with a whole stick of butter and use a ton of sugar and then you’ll have some left over to use another day. The oops icing turned out wonderful anyway and the cupcakes were amazing!Red Velvet Cheerwine Cupcakes

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