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Pretty in Pink First Birthday Party

A very simple and pretty in pink first birthday party that’s so sweet…

My great-niece turned one and my girls and I got the honor of decorating and baking for it.  I’m not supposed to be old enough to have great-nieces yet!  Where did the time go?  But she is so sweet and I think she liked what we did for her.  The best part?  The decorations are very simple and easy to do.

For a Pretty in Pink First Birthday for Hope, we made vanilla cupcakes and a vanilla smash cake with Rice Krispy treats.  The cupcakes in the shape of the one are so easy to do.  Start with a row of two cupcakes and go from there until you get the shape you want. We used one sheet of foam board with 24 cupcakes and we tinted buttercream with one drop of pink gel color.

Tip:  Ice the cupcakes when you have them in the shape you want.  We had to transport our cupcakes, and it just made it so much easier to assemble since they weren’t iced yet.  We used a huge open star icing tip.  It makes icing cupcakes so fast and you get just the right amount of icing.Pretty in Pink First Birthday


For the smash cake, I used a 6″ cake pan with really tall sides and baked two layers.  When they were cooled, I sliced the two layers each in half so that I had four layers.  I stacked each layer with buttercream between each and iced the cake as smooth as I could get it. It helps to crumb coat the cake first.  If you’re not sure what crumb coating is, it’s just putting a thin coat of icing on the cake and then refrigerating it till it gets good and cold.  It makes icing the cake so much easier and you don’t pick up crumbs from the cake!  I then used a shell tip for the border on top and bottom.  I think by the time we got to take pictures, some little fingers had been sampling the bottom border!  Didn’t even get a chance to put on tulle for the bottom of the cake.  Oh, well, it’s pretty anyway!   Then we just topped it off with large sprinkles.  Isn’t it cute!!

I made the “Hope is One” topper using my Cricut.  I made it 5″ tall by 5″ wide and I used Chopin Font.  Adjust the size of the topper to the size of your cake.  Since my cake was 6″ across I went with 5″ so the topper would fit nicely and not be bigger than the cake.

To make the topper you will need:

Poster board

Glitter cardstock (we used purple)

Clear glue

Tiny paintbrush


Candy stick

First size and choose the font you like.  I learned the swirlier (Is that a word?  It is now!) the font, the more fragile it is to work with.  Cut out at least 3 from the poster board and 1 from the cardstock.  Use the clear glue applied with a tiny paintbrush to layer each of the cutouts ending with the glitter cardstock on top.  Allow each layer to dry a few minutes before adding the next layer.  Once everything is good and dry, use the same glue to attach the stick in the back.  That’s it!  Super easy!

For the sweet centerpieces I used the leftover tulle from the tutu to make pompoms and hot glued them to sticks.  I also used my  Cricut to cut out the 1’s and hot glued them to sticks also, using the same purple glitter cardstock.  We used a variety of glass jars; two different sized mason jars and one Starbucks glass jar.  They turned out so cute!

The My First Birthday keepsake I made using Canva.  I got the idea from Pinterest.  The monogrammed canvas with the flowers was made by my daughter Emily.  It is part of a gift for Hope.  She also made a beautiful floral chandelier/mobile for her.  I’ll link to it as soon as she gets her post ready.

Pretty in Pink First Birthday


To make the rice krispies, that my nephew Brandon, couldn’t stop eating click here.  They were so yummy!

Pretty in Pink First Birthday

Every princess needs a tutu!  This one is light and delicate.  I wish the colors would have shown up better, but we didn’t bring my daughter’s lighting kit to the party.  Not a good idea with little ones running around.  It was made with pink, green and lavender tulle and gold ribbon.  She loved it and couldn’t stop playing with it!  The best part is, when she’s ready for to wear it, all she has to do is adjust the ribbon and tie.  Princess perfection! For the DIY click here.

Pretty in Pink First Birthday

I couldn’t resist a picture of those sweet hands in her smash cake.  I think it might be my favorite picture.  First birthdays are so sweet and precious.  We wanted to make her’s just as sweet and delicate as she is.  Happy 1st birthday Hope!Blog Signature


Spring Flowers for Mom

As hard as it is to be without my mom, it is an honor to be able to make flowers for her.  Here is  how I made spring flowers for mom…

I have to say that it’s really crazy sometimes how an idea comes together.  Just like the idea for this particular spring flower arrangement.  I really didn’t have any design in mind when we went to the store; I just knew I was late getting this done.  I kept thinking white for some reason.  I met my stepdad at Hobby Lobby with my daughter Emily, and all he knew was that he really wanted some Easter lilies and some color.

We found some pretty Easter lilies and it just evolved from there.  One thing I’ve learned about design is to work with the inspiration.  He wanted white lilies, which are pretty bland, but they did have a little yellow way down in the center, so that’s what we worked with.  Next we found those huge peonies, which are supposed to be peach, but really don’t look peach at all.  They really looked like an off white, with a yellow tint and pink streaks.  They were so pretty and they looked gorgeous against the lilies!  Then we found the yellow daisy flowers that match and pretty pink sprigs.Mom's Flowers


1 bush of white lilies

2 bush of peony blooms deluxe

1 bush of yellow daisies

2 sprigs of pink mini flower bushes

1 1/2 inch ribbon

1/4 pink ribbon

6″ x 12″ green styrofoam floral rectangle

1 saddle for headstone

Glue gun & glue sticks

Green floral tape

Wire cutters


This was a really simple design.  I started with the biggest flowers first and worked from the center out to the edges.  Cut stems with wire cutters to desired lengths; longer in the center and shorter as you move out.  Then add the large hot pink flowers in the center.

Fill in with the lilies.  Not all of these are sticking straight up.  The ones near the edges are put in at an angle.  Feel free to bend them to get the desired shape, or try different angles.  This goes for all of the flowers.  Fluff, bend and shape until you get the look you want.

Last, place the yellow and pink sprigs randomly.  If you have bare spots, fill in with any leaves you may have pulled off stems.  For the hot pink sprigs, I broke the large sprigs off into smaller sprigs.  Because I did that, each smaller sprig only had a few thin wires left that we wound together; which is really weak to put into the arrangement and be outside.  The wind would probably blow it out of the arrangement.  To help with that, I took a stem from one of the flowers I had to cut down and used floral tape to attach it to the hot pink sprigs.  It made them go in the arrangement easier and they are sturdier.

For the ribbon:

Measure around the foam and add 1/2 inch for overlapping the ribbon.  Cut both ribbons.  I hot glued the pink ribbon down the center and carefully hot glued it to the foam.  I start and end in a corner, so that the overlap isn’t as noticeable as it would be if it was in the front or back. Mom's Flowers

For the vase flowers, I started with the largest flower first and then the lilies and taped them together with floral tape.  Then I played around and placed each flower and wrapped with floral tape.  You can use foam shaped specifically for the vases, but for some reason, it’s really hard to find here, so I just usually have to skip it.  The foam helps to hold it in the vase, because a strong wind can blow them out.  To keep mine from blowing out, I bend each stem up like a J and outward.  Then place in the vase.  This helps to anchor it in the vase.

That’s it!  Super simple, but gorgeous.  Make sure to save any leaves that you trim off in case you need to fill in any gaps, holes.  Save the bottoms of stems you cut off in case you cut something too short, or, in my case, you need to add them to a stem to make them stronger.

Like I said, it’s really neat how things come together.  I got white, my stepdad got the pop of color he was looking for and my daughter helped to pull the rest of it together.  When it was finished, he loved it and so did I.  I’m sure my mom does too.  Blog Signature


Classroom Makeover!

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately because I’ve been really busy with a surprise that my hubby brought home, a new desk!  A big executive desk that was given to him for free!  Ain’t God grand?  I think so!

So what was the first thing I needed to do?  Make it mine and since it wasn’t my hubby’s desk from childhood or an antique that someone gave me, I had no problems or guilt about wanting to paint it.  My hubby wasn’t so sure though.

Here it is!  It’s so big and it was really nice, but it had some rough spots.  So I sanded the finish off to take off the shine so the primer and paint would adhere.

Next I gave it 3 coats of Behr paint and primer in Decorator White.  Once it was all covered, I sanded it down in a few places to reveal the dark wood underneath.  I was going for a shabby chic look but I only did a little because I didn’t want it to look too old. Then I coated it in 2 coats of varnish.  I may do a 3rd coat later, but for now I’m really happy with the results.

Next I moved it into it’s new home right by the window of our classroom.  I love it! There’s so much room on top to work and spread out and I love the worn look after I got the desk personalized.  I still need to redo the lamp to match and I need to paint the trim on the white board to match the corkboard.  That’s next on the list! 

I went to Hobby Lobby and got the urn and the candle this morning for next to nothing, on sale baby!  The vase I had and the flowers I also had from an old arrangement. Emily wants to paint the pencil holder she made when she was little, but I like it just the way it is.

Here you can see a close up of the drawers and the handles.  It’s kinda hard to tell in the picture, but the handles were that gold-brass color.  I actually painted the round parts red and the curves in the handles red.  When it dried it looked really pretty.  Then I gave them a quick varnish.

Here’s the finished desk and yes as you can see I’m on my Facebook page!  I can’t wait to blog and write and do school from here!  And what does hubby think of my finished product?  He really likes it and I can’t believe how it turned out!


Blog Signature


DIY Soap Dispenser

I’ve been re-using a plastic soap dispenser for awhile now and I really didn’t like it.  So after looking for inspiration, I made my own.  I used a glass Starbuck’s bottle that I had from Becca’s graduation party, we had used it as a vase and it’s been sitting in my cabinet with nothing to do.


First remove any stickers and sticky residue from the glass.  I just used fingernail polish remover and a cotton ball to get the sticky off.IMG_4873







Then I painted the background with a hot pink color.  I didn’t have any glass paint so I used the outdoor craft paints that I had.   If you look at the above picture you can see black Yard and Garden paint that I used.  Not the red craft paint, I just forgot to get it out of the shot.  The icky blue thing is my paint caddy with it’s sticker coming off.  Please ignore it!   It took several coats, about 4 to get the depth of color that I wanted.  I took this picture after two coats.  Make sure you let the paint dry between coats! Be patient, you will be rewarded!

This is where I mixed my paints, a simple paper plate.  I also practiced my handwriting a little while waiting for the paint to dry!  I highly recommend this! Look up a font you like and try to practice it before you do the real thing. Also you can go ahead and paint the cap.IMG_4874IMG_4875

When the paint is good and dry, I added the wording.  You could do a monogram or a cute saying.  I think the font I used is called Always Forever.





Next I used a small brush to paint the bubbles.  I used a basic blue that I mixed with white to get the lighter colors.  I just swirled the bubbles on and made the circles.  I didn’t worry about if they were perfect circles.  Then I added lighter colors and the white highlights.  Don’t worry about perfection, it will be cute no matter what!IMG_4902


The final product!  Isn’t it cute?  My hubby drilled a hole in the cap just barely big enough for the pump to fit in.  It needs to fit really snug.  I stole the pump from the bottle I had been using. He thought it turned out really pretty and so do I! Send me a picture or a link if you make one, too!  I’d love to see what you make!

DIY Shabby Chic Valentine’s Day Bunting

I was feeling really crafty last night after realizing how plain my living room looked with all the Christmas decorations gone. Somehow I’m missing some of my regular decorations.  They were boxed up when we started putting Christmas out.  They are in the attic lost!  So I decided to go ahead and start decorating for Valentine’s Day.  I made a pretty bunting or banner, as some call it.  It’s shades of pink which matches my living room, which just happens to be pink with deep burgundy-red curtains and it has a shabby chic feel to it.  Each pennant measures about 3 1/2” across by 4 1/2” long.  It’s small but it makes a really pretty impact hanging at the mantel.  I think this is the most romantic our mantel has ever looked! 


This is the whole mantle.  I filled it with things in the same color range.  Pinks, deep burgundies and a touch of blue.  It’s full of things that are very special to me.  It’s not super fancy or elaborate, but I think it’s really sweet.  If you like the bunting/banner, I have a link at the bottom to print it out as a pdf.


This is a wreath that I laid on its side, I’ve had it forever, and it’s one of my favorites.  The painting is one that I did of the cabin that my granddaddy and great-granddaddy built.  I’m not an artist, but I love it.  I know it’s not Valentiney but it adds a little winter and some snow.


On the other side of the mantel are Pinky Blue Boy.  I’ve loved them since I was a little girl.  My mother-in-law bought them for me as a surprise.  I think they’re so romantic and he adds the pop of blue to coordinate with my painting.  In the jars are flowers that I’ve collected and dried over the years of my marriage.  They are very dear to my heart.  And yes that’s a mason jar!


Have fun with your mantel for Valentine’s!  Use what you have around the house.  I stole Pinky and Blue Boy from our bedroom, the mason jar from my canning supplies.  I didn’t have to buy anything!  Just look around your house and I’m sure you’ll find things you can use.  I’d love to see pics!  If you would like to print out the same banner just click here!  It’s free!

ShabbyChicValentineBanner I recommend printing it on card stock  then thread with yarn or a pretty ribbon.

DIY Painting a Memory

Ok, let me honest and upfront, I am not an artist!  I am not and will never claim to be (insert nervous giggle here).  But I do like to paint on occasion.  I’ve never taken an art class in my life, just craft classes when I was a kid.  But this past weekend the painting bug bit and I had to paint.

I wanted to do something fall-ish to change up my mantel.  There was a place in the woods where I grew up on my grandparents farm that was the inspiration.  I used to love to go there.  It was peaceful and quite.  You walked pretty deep in the woods and then you came to the creek that the cows would use to cool off.  There was a wooden bridge and when you crossed it, there was a hill that was open and in the spring would be covered with tiny little flowers.  If I kept going to the edge and crossed over the fence, I would wind up in my Great Aunt Thelma’s woods and then her house.  I just love this place, it feels like home and I want to remember it.

The great thing about painting is, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  It doesn’t have to be an exact replica.  I’m proud of my painting even though it looks like a little kid did it and so is my family.  I didn’t paint every tree and I didn’t even put the tons of leaves on the ground that I would have been stomping on to get to the bridge.  I just painted and didn’t fret over every detail and I love how it turned out.  The colors are vibrant (although you really can’t tell because of the camera I’m having to use) and I just had fun with it.  Now to finish redecorating my mantel, but that’s another post!DIY Painting a memory

Here’s how I did it:

One canvas from Hobby Lobby (pack of two for $7.99)

Acrylic craft paint

Brushes of all different sizes (We’ve acquired a collection over the years and these are the cheap brushes)

Water to clean brushes

Paper towels to dry brushes

Easel or something to prop up your painting


Think of what you want to paint.  It could be simple like a leaf.  I like to have a picture or the object to look at.  If you don’t have a picture, look at the internet for something similar.  I looked at pictures of wooden bridges in the woods and pictures creeks since I don’t have a picture of our woods.

Choose the paint colors that you like or that match the room your putting your painting in.  I did the sky first.  Anything that is going to be in the background needs to be done first.  Think in terms of layers.  Then I lightly put in the creek bed (brown).  Then I did the sides of the creek (tan) and then did the grass and the hill.  All of this is just rough.  Next I worked on the creek.  I like to mix my colors by picking up different colors with brush.  I dipped in blue, then I did a lighter blue and a tiny bit of white.  Some of it blended in to a  new color and some of it streaked and made it look like the water is flowing.  It was a total accident, but it was exactly what I wanted.  I did mess up a time or two, but it’s paint and you can just paint over the mistakes.  There is no right way!  Then I worked on the grass areas , making some lighter and some darker using different shades of green and blending some of it together. 

Then I added trees.  I love painting trees and I don’t know why, but I love drawing and painting trees.  I just used a small stiff brush to paint the trunks with a quick swipe.  Then I used another stiff brush to stipple the leaves.  I layered colors over and over until I got the look I wanted (reds, orange, yellow and greens).  The rest is just working on the details.  Shadowing on the side of the creek ( a grey brown that I smeared with the tip of my finger), leaves and a rock in the water, dots for flowers on the hill, things like that.  

 I hope I’ve inspired you to take the plunge and try to paint.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a Monet or not.  It’s for you to enjoy and have fun with.  Be bold!  Try it!  Let your kids see you do it.  It will teach them that it’s ok not to be perfect and to be happy with the imperfections because that painting is a piece of you.  Matter of fact, Emily sat down and used the other canvas and did her own painting.  She encouraged me when I got frustrated and I encouraged her.  Huge thing since we are both severe perfectionists!  She told me where to make a change or two when I asked her opinion and I responded to her only when she wanted a suggestion.  It was relaxing and fun for us both and it was the first time either of us dared to put something on canvas!  Let me know if you try it and post pictures!blog signature








DIY Bracelet Fixes!


Here are the other two bracelets that I fixed this week.  To see the other one I fixed, click here.  They were actually really easy fixes.  But, again my fear had kept them in the jewelry box for a couple of years.

The silver prayer box bracelet had a broken toggle.  That’s the stick looking thingy that goes through the giant jump ring.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found a toggle that matched as closely as I could get it.  Then I just had to remove the broken toggle off the jump ring that attached it to the bracelet and add the new toggle and close the jump ring tight.

The other bracelet with the cross was a little trickier.  It was handmade for me and a gift for being an M.C. at a kindergarten graduation.  The lobster clasp that was originally on it had broken.  It didn’t have a good way to remove it, so I had to break it off with my wire cutters.  I then added a small jump ring and attached a large decorative jump ring and added a toggle.  Easy fix!

Now all of my bracelets are fixed.  Yeah!  I can finally wear them all again.  They were so simple to fix, I don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago!


Don’t Toss! Fix it!


This is one of my favorite bracelets.  But I haven’t worn it for years.  Why?  Somehow it became broken where two of the hearts joined together.  I had no idea what to do with it or really how to fix it for that matter.

But, I can’t really afford to go out and get new jewelry, (not in this economy)and even though I didn’t pay very much for this bracelet, I’ve never been able to toss it.  I just stashed it in my jewelry box for a few years.  What’s a broke fashion girl gonna do?  Fast forward a few years to yesterday; I bought a cute shirt that matched it perfectly.  I have no choice and no excuses anymore.  Can’t buy a new one, so I have to try to fix it! 

DSCF0006Here is my attempt to fix it.  This is actually the third bracelet that I’ve fixed this week.  (I must be really rough on them!  I’ll have to show you the other ones I’ve fixed.)  Actually, I’ve just held on to them forever and forgot about them!  But, no more! 

The time had come to fix instead of toss!  I bought some of those tiny jump rings (their official name) and dug out my smallest pliers.  I was able to use the jump ring to rejoin the two sections.  The reason I couldn’t fix it before was that the original rings were attached to the back of each section and that had been broken off.  So I had to take a jump ring and go through the decoration on the front of both sections and join them together that way.  Super easy!  DSCF0007

All I had to do was close the ring really tight on the back side and no I can’t tell where I had to fix it.  $15 saved today and I get one of my favorite bracelets back!







Old Candles…New Candles

I have these old, yucky looking candles and I didn’t know what to do with them.   I really don’t have the money to buy new, pretty ones like I’d like.  So, what to do?

Pinterest to the rescue!  I saw where someone had taken scrapbook paper and Mod Podged them.  Easy peasy and so pretty!  So I took my old and yucky candles and turned them into new candles.  They turned out so cute and I only spent about $2.


Here’s the old candles.  Even Twilight thinks I’m crazy and I should just throw them out!

I love the look he’s giving me!

Isn’t he cute?








All you have to do is pick out some really pretty scrapbook paper and use Mod Podge.  I actually used a 50/50 mix of glue and water instead of $7.99 Mod Podge!  It worked great!DSCF0016

Cut scrapbook paper to fit around candle.  Coat candle with Mod Podge and wrap paper around it.  Squish out air bubbles and smooth out the paper.  Be sure to pay attention to the edges! 

When the bottom coat is dry, cover the top of the paper with the Mod Podge; I did two coats on top. When it was dry, I cut a ribbon and secured it with a straight pin in the knot and tied it in a bow. The pin helps hold the ribbon tight and keeps it in place while you tie it. Plus you never have to worry about the ribbon slipping down on your candle!


Voila! New pretty candles from old yucky candles!