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Our life and all it’s ups and downs and how we make it through and stick together.  We live in a 1933 home, so we’re constantly decorating, always renovating and organizing, so feel free to follow!  Plus there’s all kinds of DIY’s, decor and decorating, gardening and not to mention I love throwing parties!

Need a Minute to Have a Mommy Meltdown

I’m going to apologize in advance for my meltdown.  I just want to act like a two year old for a minute.  I want to kick my feet and bang my head against the wall and scream not fair!

My daughter Emily, who is only 14, and has a disease called Ehler’s Danlos with Hypermobility Syndrome, now may have one more thing to contend with.  She already has reflux, asthma, normal allergies, skin sensitivities to all kinds of things, allergies to certain medicines and now may have an allergy to a food.  She is already allergic to tomatoes, crazy, I know.  Not a severe allergy but enough that it triggers her reflux which then aggravates her asthma.

The past couple of days she has been breaking out with hives and which each day they are getting bigger and more spread out and with a stronger reaction.  Since I already have one child with severe allergies (my son) I knew what this meant, get to the doctor.  Last night the place where the hives were, was as large as a volleyball.  Bright pink and full of huge hives.  We even snapped a pic on her IPod so we could show the doctor.  I highly recommend doing that because even though we didn’t get a great pic, it still was enough for the doctor to look at it and say, “Yep, that’s a food allergy!”

So today my baby girl had her blood drawn for the umpteenth time and now we wait to find out if it’s nut (been eating some nutty buddies), eggs, dairy, wheat, etc.  And I’ve been doing some research and found out that people with Ehler’s Danlos seem to be predisposition to have food allergies.  Go figure!

I was really hoping we were done with new things. Each person in my house already has some type of food allergy/sensitivity, but I was really hoping we were done with all of this.  Everything seemed to be cruising along, normal even.  It was really nice!  Please don’t get me wrong, I know that this is certainly not the worst thing in the world.  Simple even and could be 100 times worse.  But it is scary dealing with epi-pens and food allergies and I didn’t want her to have one more thing to worry about.  It already overwhelms her at times.  No child should have to go through illness, no matter what it is.

Ok, I’m done whining (I’m actually smiling now, really!)  Thanks for letting me vent.  I just needed to get it out of my system. Blog Signature


Classroom Makeover!

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately because I’ve been really busy with a surprise that my hubby brought home, a new desk!  A big executive desk that was given to him for free!  Ain’t God grand?  I think so!

So what was the first thing I needed to do?  Make it mine and since it wasn’t my hubby’s desk from childhood or an antique that someone gave me, I had no problems or guilt about wanting to paint it.  My hubby wasn’t so sure though.

Here it is!  It’s so big and it was really nice, but it had some rough spots.  So I sanded the finish off to take off the shine so the primer and paint would adhere.

Next I gave it 3 coats of Behr paint and primer in Decorator White.  Once it was all covered, I sanded it down in a few places to reveal the dark wood underneath.  I was going for a shabby chic look but I only did a little because I didn’t want it to look too old. Then I coated it in 2 coats of varnish.  I may do a 3rd coat later, but for now I’m really happy with the results.

Next I moved it into it’s new home right by the window of our classroom.  I love it! There’s so much room on top to work and spread out and I love the worn look after I got the desk personalized.  I still need to redo the lamp to match and I need to paint the trim on the white board to match the corkboard.  That’s next on the list! 

I went to Hobby Lobby and got the urn and the candle this morning for next to nothing, on sale baby!  The vase I had and the flowers I also had from an old arrangement. Emily wants to paint the pencil holder she made when she was little, but I like it just the way it is.

Here you can see a close up of the drawers and the handles.  It’s kinda hard to tell in the picture, but the handles were that gold-brass color.  I actually painted the round parts red and the curves in the handles red.  When it dried it looked really pretty.  Then I gave them a quick varnish.

Here’s the finished desk and yes as you can see I’m on my Facebook page!  I can’t wait to blog and write and do school from here!  And what does hubby think of my finished product?  He really likes it and I can’t believe how it turned out!


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Basketball Banquet 2013

I love decorating for banquets!  This year I had to go really simple because I’ve had that yucky cold that’s going around and won’t let go.  But I think my girls, their friends and I pulled it off!

We had a great time at the banquet and it’s always sad when another season comes to an end but getting to hang out with these great kids makes it all worth it.  I love homeschool!  Have I said that lately?

Banquet 1

I literally dreamed about this centerpiece.  I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do and then at 4am I woke up and knew what I wanted to do.  Too bad I couldn’t go back to sleep! I took balloon weights, (the big ones) and cut a balloon stick in half (10 inches) and put it in the center of the balloon weight. Then I made a balloon cluster out of 7 balloon and attached them with the clips that came with the sticks.  Then I used my publisher program and printed out the team banners and table numbers on card stock and attached them to balloon sticks and crammed them in the weights.  They looked so cool and they were really easy to make.

Banquet 2

Last year we used a giant roll of paper tablecloth and it was a huge hit with the kids both big and small so we decided to use it again.  For the runner we cut black wrapping paper into 3rds.  Let me give you a warning about using paper make sure to have some really good tape on hand because you will need to tape the runner and the tablecloth down on the ends or they will not stay put.  I think they may have even used scrapbook dots under the runner.  But once in place they are great!  Add crayons and you can doodle on the paper and the runner!  We even add candy on the tables which is always a hit!

Banquet 3

A close up of the centerpiece.  They turned out so cool and we got lots of compliments!  Below shows how we did the buffet tables.  Once everything was in place, (very important) I took a giant Sharpie and labeled what everything was.  Why did I do that?  I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was cool!  Haha!  Also because I usually print out a menu because it’s typically catered, but this year it was only partially catered (the meat, slaw and cake) and everyone else divided up the sides that are typically catered.  It made identifying the sides quick and easy since there were 4 or more containers of baked beans, mac and cheese and so forth.  It eliminated the question, “What is this?” and I didn’t have to make placecards for each dish.  And then there’s the cake with each team and players names on it!  Yum!

PicMonkey Collage

To mark the beginning of the buffet, I wrote a big “Welcome to the Stallions Banquet!” so there would be no question as to where the line should start.  Plus I was in a doodling mood!  We wound up with about 130 players, parents, siblings and family in attendance.  A big Thank You to Hendrick’s Motor Sports for letting us use their Team Center for our banquet.  It is a great facility and you are so welcoming!Banquet 4

I love this picture because you can see how many people were there and you can really see how the decorations look in the space.  This is Emily, her bf Brandon and the Varsity Girls team (isn’t he lucky!)  goofing off and chowing down.  Now I know where the missing crockpot of nacho dip went!  You have been caught! Ha!

Banquet 9

Don’t forget about a trophy table!  Use this to showcase your program’s accomplishments throughout the years. Cover with a tablecloth and attach banners.  We brought just a few trophies this year instead of all of them and we also used the tables to hold the shirts and awards the players would be getting from their coaches.

Banquet 10

These are just some of my favorite pics of the evening.  It was so hard to choose!  The first is my sweet boy Spencer getting his awards; the second is Lindsey receiving her Senior recognition from her longtime coach Phil; the 3rd is my daughter Becca and her bff Lindsey; the 4th is Jonathan an honorary coach of the varsity boys team with his cowboy hat, he is the sweetest; and the 5th is a really cool picture of Emily’s bff Karley and Kara that are on the varsity girls team.

PicMonkey Collage 2

My advice is to make your banquets fun, include posters that fans made over the season to hang on the walls or from tables.  Use balloons because they are always festive. And let different people take turns taking pictures of the evening.  I didn’t take a single shot all night.  My camera was passed from my kids to their friends all night.  Luckily I really trust them, but they took the coolest pics I’ve ever had.  Wish I had room to show them all to you but you can go to my Facebook page if you want to see more!

East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championship 2013 Fun!

If you ever get the chance to go and watch the East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships, I highly recommend it!  We had a blast, but we do every year.  From watching both of our varsity teams, to goofing off at the hotel to eating out together, there is nothing like it.   It is the “school sports” experience we wanted our kids to have.  Here’s just a few of the several hundred pictures that we took.  This doesn’t even come close to all the pics the kids took on their IPods, IPads and phones!

My son Spencer #20 doing a great job and being tough!Liberty 2013

Me helping a friend’s mom with her daughter’s number. Please pay no attention to my hair.  We had a 10pm game the night before and had to be up early.  I was exhausted and it was a ponytail kinda day.  But you should have seen her a couple of days later, when the girls made the championship game.  I must find a picture of her!  She had a red curly wig, makeup, crazy red and black clothes.  She brought the spirit!Liberty 2 2013

This is homeschool sports at its best!  After the championship game, both teams huddled together for prayer.  What a way to close out the week and to show that yes, winning is amazing, but it’s the friendships and our walk that’s the most important.  After all God is the reason we can play so tough!Liberty 1 2013

I love snapping pictures of coaches talking to their teams.  The intensity on their faces and the players.  I got this one of our guys right before the game started.  They are hanging on his every word.Liberty 3 2013

The girls and their trophy!  They played so amazing and we are so proud of them.  They got to play in the Vines Center!  The Dome!  They fought hard and played with heart and placed 2nd.  Congratulations!Liberty 4 2013

The guys and their big trophy.  Wonder why they aren’t so happy?  It was a really tough game and they fought hard, but it just didn’t go their way.  It was a hard loss.  But they did get to play in the Vines Center under the dome and that was awesome! Congratulations!Liberty 5 2013

Liberty 6 2013

Fans, siblings and friends! We laughed, we shouted, we argued a little with the ref’s, we ate, we stayed up way too late, but it was all worth it!  I love homeschooling and homeschool sports.

Liberty7 2013

Liberty 8 2013


What Rare Disease Day Looks Like to Me

Today is Rare Disease Day all around the world.  I never thought in a million years that this day would have any more significance than any other day, until this year when our daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease.  This is what Rare Disease Day looks like to me.

Rare Disease Day looks like my daughter Emily.  On the outside, you can not see her disease.  She is a beautiful girl, with a talent for volleyball and acting.  She will slide into a row of chairs and dig on the court to save a ball like no one’s business!  She will stand for hours acting and delivering her lines like a true actress even though she may be in pain. The show or the game must go on!  So on the outside, you wouldn’t know she has a disease that may eventually stop her from playing the sport she so passionately loves.  But she tries hard not to let it stop her from living a “normal” life. 

Emily’s story stared when she was 8 years old.  She had been a pretty normal kid up to that point, with the exception of already living with asthma and reflux.  She began taking gymnastics and loved it.  We had always teased her about her flexibility and joked with her that we were going to sell her to the Russian circus as a contortionist!  She can bend like crazy!  She was great at gymnastics and they even asked her to be on their competition team.  Then she sprained her ankle one day and just couldn’t seem to get over it; so we got her ankle braces to wear.  They helped a little, but eventually not at all.

As time went on, her ankles kept hurting.  She would have bruises all the way around her ankles and they would swell turn pink and get very warm.  We thought at first she was just re-spraining them.  Then her knees started to hurting and we thought growing pains.  After all, she was getting really tall.  This went on for a couple of years and we would go back and forth with ice packs, heat, Tylenol and doctor visits.  Most people told me it was growing pains.  Friends told me I was making something out of nothing, but the pain grew worse.  In my gut I knew something wasn’t right. She couldn’t enjoy the things she loved due to the pain.

Thankfully, our orthopedist had an MRI done, and we were sent to Duke Children’s Hospital.  After going there for a year, we got a name!  The doctor, nurses and staff all celebrated with us.  A name!  It means so much when you finally have something to work with.  That name was Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome.  A big name that means she has a genetic connective tissue disease that effects the collagen, ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin and organs.  Pretty much everything! 

Now we are learning what it’s like to live with a rare disease.  It isn’t easy.  But it could always be worse.  Most of the time she is a normal teenager.   She plays volleyball, which I know could be damaging.  She has already dislocated her shoulder three times this year!  But she has to have something to look back on and say, “I loved doing this and I was good at it.” when she gets older.  She will determine when it’s time to stop and not me.  She hangs out with her friends; at least the ones that don’t look at her disease, but the ones that look at her.  She may pay for it the next day with swollen ankles, joints that hurt no matter what we do, and with pain medicine that feels like it’s not working some days.  But at least she had a smile on her face and got to forget for a time that she has a disease.

Some days, it’s just overwhelming for her; she doesn’t understand why she has this disease.  Days when she’s just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Days when she doesn’t want to take her medicine because she’s sick of taking medicine.  Days when she just wants to be normal, no diseases anymore. No asthma, no reflux, no EDS!

It breaks a mother’s heart to know that your child has a disease; any disease or illness or injury.  But to know that you’re one out of 5,000 or 20,000 or even more is a little overwhelming.  Some days you feel it’s more than you want to deal with.  But, thank God for Him.  I know that He will see her and us through this.  He has a plan and this could always be worse.  This disease could always be worse.  So we pray and thank God and we pray for a cure as we and thousands of others pray that no more children will have to live with a rare disease.

DIY Soap Dispenser

I’ve been re-using a plastic soap dispenser for awhile now and I really didn’t like it.  So after looking for inspiration, I made my own.  I used a glass Starbuck’s bottle that I had from Becca’s graduation party, we had used it as a vase and it’s been sitting in my cabinet with nothing to do.


First remove any stickers and sticky residue from the glass.  I just used fingernail polish remover and a cotton ball to get the sticky off.IMG_4873







Then I painted the background with a hot pink color.  I didn’t have any glass paint so I used the outdoor craft paints that I had.   If you look at the above picture you can see black Yard and Garden paint that I used.  Not the red craft paint, I just forgot to get it out of the shot.  The icky blue thing is my paint caddy with it’s sticker coming off.  Please ignore it!   It took several coats, about 4 to get the depth of color that I wanted.  I took this picture after two coats.  Make sure you let the paint dry between coats! Be patient, you will be rewarded!

This is where I mixed my paints, a simple paper plate.  I also practiced my handwriting a little while waiting for the paint to dry!  I highly recommend this! Look up a font you like and try to practice it before you do the real thing. Also you can go ahead and paint the cap.IMG_4874IMG_4875

When the paint is good and dry, I added the wording.  You could do a monogram or a cute saying.  I think the font I used is called Always Forever.





Next I used a small brush to paint the bubbles.  I used a basic blue that I mixed with white to get the lighter colors.  I just swirled the bubbles on and made the circles.  I didn’t worry about if they were perfect circles.  Then I added lighter colors and the white highlights.  Don’t worry about perfection, it will be cute no matter what!IMG_4902


The final product!  Isn’t it cute?  My hubby drilled a hole in the cap just barely big enough for the pump to fit in.  It needs to fit really snug.  I stole the pump from the bottle I had been using. He thought it turned out really pretty and so do I! Send me a picture or a link if you make one, too!  I’d love to see what you make!

Basketball Banquet Ideas

It’s about that time! Time for basketball banquets!  I love decorating for them.  They are such a challenge, trying to figure out what the athletes will like, trying to figure out something new and fun, but not make it look overly fancy or like a little kid’s birthday party.  I think we succeeded!inspiration board

I made an inspiration board for last year’s banquet.  We decked out the tables with white paper and black runners.  Then used various basketball scrapbook paper for centerpieces.  On top of the centerpieces (not really shown in the pics) we scattered various 3D basketball sayings also from the scrapbook section, sayings like “Go Team, Swoosh, etc.”  Then we made balloon bouquets and put them in the center of the centerpieces.  And of course with a large crowd you have to have table numbers.  I made these on my computer, they have a picture of a basketball crashing through glass.  Really cool!  Then to top of the tables, we added crayons.  Yes, I said crayons!  The kids, uhm…teenagers, uhm… athletes loved it!  So did the parents, be honest, you know when you see white paper and a crayon, you’re going to doodle.  I hated throwing away the works of art at the end of the evening.

For the awards table and the food tables we kept it simple with alternating black, white and red tablecloths with alternating circle table cloths.  We also used the banners the teams and fans made during the season to decorate the walls.  Everyone loved that.  It gave all the athletes and fans a chance to really see them up close and they had worked so hard on them, why not use them, right? 

It was very simply decorated, but it was very cool and most importantly our high school athletes, both boys and girls, as well as the younger athletes liked it!

Is it Anti-Christian to Cheer at Sports?

That is the burning question right now.  I love watching my kids play sports!  I have loved coaching sports and dance and working with kids.  I’ve been doing it for over 16 years.  But things are changing, not really with me, but around me. What was once passionate and fun is now dull and bordering on boring.  I still love the sports.  I still love watching my kids play them.  I still have a desire to coach, but that has now been severely tempered and in all reality, I may never coach again thanks to a very personal beating that my girls and I took this year.  But that’s a whole other story.

What I’m talking about is rooting for your team or child at a sporting event.  Team spirit!  Cheering loudly and passionately.  Wearing team colors.  Hanging banners and having spirit nights.  Not where you are screaming at your kid and telling them everything they did wrong, but loudly cheering, “Go team!, Go (insert child’s name).  And I’m not talking little kids here, but high school!  Is it wrong for homeschool teams to be cheered by their fans?  Now I’m not talking teams that are like recreation ball, but ones that are competitive school ball.  Although I don’t see a problem cheering loudly for either one! 

I see it everywhere.  The teams we played against used to be so passionate and so were we. It was so much fun!  Everyone cheered their hearts out.  Jumping up and cheering when the basket went in.  Everyone holding their breath and letting out a collective yell at the buzzer beater.  Stomping on the bleachers.  The teams actually asking the fans to get louder when we got quiet.  It was fun!  Win or lose the games were fun and both teams were still friends at the end of the game!  And now you could hear crickets chirp. There’s barely a golf clap when we win or when a good shot is made.

All of a sudden over the past two years, we have started being told it’s not Christ-like to cheer.  Parents are now being pulled aside or given dirty looks when they cheer.  It’s being told to our kids and team spirit is about non-existent.  Hardly anyone cheers anymore, whether it’s a simple “Go team!” or “Make good passes!”  Why is that?  What has happened?  Aren’t Christians allowed to be passionate about their lives and enjoy things?  Doesn’t God want us to enjoy things?  Is this another form of Christians bullying other Christians?  Or has the world just made us too afraid of everything?  What does this say to the parents that are new Christians, new homeschoolers, or the non-Christian parent?  Does it say that Christians or homeschoolers aren’t allowed to have fun? I really want to know. 

I know what it’s saying to the parents that are not returning to our sports because of this.  They are leaving because it’s not any fun and they wanted their kids to have the experience of a school team.  A huge part of a teenager’s life is the experience.  The experience of having something to root for, to cheer for.  Being part of something bigger than themselves and friendships.  Learning how to deal with success and failure.  I also know what it meant to a parent that spoke to me about it.  It said to them that we are judgmental (meaning judging the parents and kids that cheered) and not accepting at all of people that don’t fit with us (meaning the ones that won’t cheer) and that hurt.  Even though they weren’t talking about me personally (because I cheer), it hurt.  I hurt for them and their kids.  Are we turning them away?  Are we turning our kids away from enjoying things like sports?  What message are we sending them about Christianity?  I would love some thoughts.

This may actually turn into a series. I have a lot to say and a lot of thoughts on the matter too many for one post!  Wanna hear something funny? As I wrap up this post, I decided to turn on Pandora and what song do you think started playing?  “We Will Rock You” by Queen!  How appropriate!  I just had to laugh!

Photo Bombing Pets

Today Emily was making a recipe for my blog.  As she was cooking and I was snapping away with the camera, two of our pets refused to not be a part of the fun.  They photo bombed our shoot!  It was so funny.  You just never know what your pets will do next!photo bomb 1

Rusty our mini shepherd just has to get in on the action!  I think he’s worried he might not get a sample.  But he did!  He snuck into the kitchen tonight when no one was looking and stole a bite!phot bomb 2

This is our cat Tux and today he definitely wanted to be a part of the fun.  He is always in the kitchen when we cook.  Today he deserved some.  My son called me in a little bit of a panic.  Tux was sunning himself by balancing on the top of the control panel for the dryer which is right at a window.  Poor kitty lost his balance and fell between the dryer and the wall.  He was just fine though after Spencer rescued him.  A little dusty and scared, but thankfully fine.  Where was he later this afternoon when he wasn’t posing for the camera?  Right back on the dryer!  Silly kitty!photo bomb 4


Emily decided to give Tux some extra fun by letting him play “Whack-a- puppy”!  No worries though.  Tux is declawed and Rusty loves it anytime he can get the cats to play.  What a fun day! 

First Snow of 2013!

Winter Storm Helen hit and we got our first snow of the season! It has rained for days so this is a nice change.  Spencer had a basketball game last night when it started sleeting, then about 1/2 hour later it started snowing and the kids, I mean teenagers, went nuts!  It was snowing so hard and it was so pretty.  But in North Carolina if you don’t get up early, you miss the snow!  I did manage to get these pics but by 10:30 this morning it was all almost gone.

Ever wonder why we Southerners go grab the milk, eggs and bread from the stores when they call for snow? It’s because when we lose power from the ice on the power lines, we can make sandwiches and the eggs and milk are for making snow cream, which Emily made last night just in case it was our only snow of the year.

This was the view from inside our van after the game.  We stopped by our favorite place to grab a bite for supper.  It was snowing like crazy!IMG_3493

The kids wagon in the backyard was full of rain and completely frozen with ice.IMG_3496

Believe it or not all this was covered with snow until it rained again.IMG_3497

My poor little garden…IMG_3499

It’s almost all gone  It was really pretty earlier, but now it’s melting away.  Hard to believe it was really covered with snow.  Like I said you have to be early if want pictures of North Carolina snow and I was sleeping in.  Even homeschoolers take a snow day here!IMG_3500

If you believe the old wives tale, we will be getting a big snow soon.  We had thunder and lightening last night while it poured snow.  An thundersnow! Maybe I should stock up on milk, bread and eggs?