Check out My New Homeschool Planner!

It’s a black tie event!  Or should I say a Hot Pink tie event?  The beautiful Tuxedo Homeschool Planner is here and ready for you!

This is the cutest, or should I say chicest homeschool planner that I’ve ever designed.  I am in love with the tuxedo bows.  Makes me wish I was still homeschooling just so I could use it!  It has everything you need, just like all of my other planner designs.  But, just like a simple black tux, with a crisp white shirt is simple elegance, that is how I designed this planner.  It has simple crisp, black and white pages with a touch of hot pink.

To give it a look, go to My Shop page here and to purchase you can go to my Etsy shop here.

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