Christmas Photo Shoot

Christmas Centerpiece 2012


No, we aren’t being featured in a magazine for our amazing Christmas decorations, but we are going to do a Christmas photo shoot of our home.  Why?  Sounds weird doesn’t it?  Because every year the kids and I spend tons of hours decorating our house and although it turns out pretty, I have nothing to remember it by.  This year I had to redo a lot of of decorations due to using them over and over every year, so I updated them and without spending a lot of money and it turned out prettier than I could have imagined.

Even with our house under construction, it still looks prettier than ever!  I’m almost done decorating and only have a few more touches, rehang the garland with stronger Command hooks, decorate the bathroom, put a ribbon here and dust there and get my hubby to light the outside, then I’m all done.  This time I want to remember what I did so I can repeat it next year or at least have pretty pictures of the house this Christmas.

As soon as everything is finished, Becca and I are going to do a magazine style photo shoot of the house and the decorations.  Perfection is not necessary and needed in my decorating skills.  Perfection isn’t the point here, the memory of this special time of year is.  The picture above is just a sample of what’s to come!  Why don’t you try one, shoot your home like a magazine would.  It could be fun!  Don’t stress over it and worry about your home not being perfect, just take pictures to remember it by for you and your kids.

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