DIY Bracelet Fixes!


Here are the other two bracelets that I fixed this week.  To see the other one I fixed, click here.  They were actually really easy fixes.  But, again my fear had kept them in the jewelry box for a couple of years.

The silver prayer box bracelet had a broken toggle.  That’s the stick looking thingy that goes through the giant jump ring.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found a toggle that matched as closely as I could get it.  Then I just had to remove the broken toggle off the jump ring that attached it to the bracelet and add the new toggle and close the jump ring tight.

The other bracelet with the cross was a little trickier.  It was handmade for me and a gift for being an M.C. at a kindergarten graduation.  The lobster clasp that was originally on it had broken.  It didn’t have a good way to remove it, so I had to break it off with my wire cutters.  I then added a small jump ring and attached a large decorative jump ring and added a toggle.  Easy fix!

Now all of my bracelets are fixed.  Yeah!  I can finally wear them all again.  They were so simple to fix, I don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago!


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