Don’t Toss! Fix it!


This is one of my favorite bracelets.  But I haven’t worn it for years.  Why?  Somehow it became broken where two of the hearts joined together.  I had no idea what to do with it or really how to fix it for that matter.

But, I can’t really afford to go out and get new jewelry, (not in this economy)and even though I didn’t pay very much for this bracelet, I’ve never been able to toss it.  I just stashed it in my jewelry box for a few years.  What’s a broke fashion girl gonna do?  Fast forward a few years to yesterday; I bought a cute shirt that matched it perfectly.  I have no choice and no excuses anymore.  Can’t buy a new one, so I have to try to fix it! 

DSCF0006Here is my attempt to fix it.  This is actually the third bracelet that I’ve fixed this week.  (I must be really rough on them!  I’ll have to show you the other ones I’ve fixed.)  Actually, I’ve just held on to them forever and forgot about them!  But, no more! 

The time had come to fix instead of toss!  I bought some of those tiny jump rings (their official name) and dug out my smallest pliers.  I was able to use the jump ring to rejoin the two sections.  The reason I couldn’t fix it before was that the original rings were attached to the back of each section and that had been broken off.  So I had to take a jump ring and go through the decoration on the front of both sections and join them together that way.  Super easy!  DSCF0007

All I had to do was close the ring really tight on the back side and no I can’t tell where I had to fix it.  $15 saved today and I get one of my favorite bracelets back!







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  1. […] are the other two bracelets that I fixed this week.  To see the other one I fixed, click here.  They were actually really easy fixes.  But, again my fear had kept them in the jewelry box for […]

  2. Good job on your repairs. My sister and I started making jewelry about 9 years ago because we could make it for less than buying it. Plus, we prefer sterling rather than some of the base metals and possible lead in jewelry from China. I liked your post. I bet a lot of people don’t realize how simple it really is to repair jewelry..even earrings. You’ve inspired me to post some new creations and tutorials for jewelry. 😉

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