Easy Southen Salmon Patties

One of my favorite dinners that I grew up with was my mom’s salmon patties, with creamy rice and pork n’ beans.  Crazy huh?  Why would a kid like this meal?  Most kids turn their nose up at any type of seafood; but not me.

I think it’s because it has a delicate, non-fishy taste and it looks like a burger.  It may be a great way to get kids introduced to seafood. I have great memories from when my mom would make this and had the salmon mixture ready to mix into patties, I would grab crackers and sneak some of it. Yes, I was eating straight out of the bowl!  Ok, usually I was caught red-handed and usually she joined me. We had fun making this one together.

Fortunately for me, my family loves this one, too; especially my hubby! (Everyone loves it except Emily, she used to eat it, but now she is in an anti-seafood phase.  But that’s ok!)  I don’t make it often, and I really should because it’s cheap, easy to make and it’s just really good!

I wish I had taken a picture when I made this the other night.  We ate super late and I so starving so I forgot to take one.  For now I’ll use this picture so you’ll know how they should look.  I’ll remember to take a picture the next time I make it.


1 can of salmon drained

4 slices of white bread

1/2 sleeve of regular Saltine crackers

2 eggs

1/4 tsp. onion powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

a squeeze of a lemon (optional)

vegetable oil


Heat an electric skillet or a frying pan on medium high.  Add just enough vegetable oil to coat the pan.  Drain the salmon and remove the large round bones.  The rest of them will soften and cook away.  Put in a large bowl.  Tear or cut bread into pieces and add to bowl.  Crush crackers and add to bowl.  I just crush them with my hands like I’m adding it to my soup.  I love the mixture of larger and smaller pieces.  Add the rest of the ingredients.  If you add lemon add just a small amount so it’s not over powering.  You want just a hint. Mix with all ingredients together.  I use my hands, but try to not overwork it.

Shape into patties and place in pan or skillet.  Turn patties over when they are golden brown.  It only takes about 10-15 minutes to cook.

Serving Suggestions:

Our favorite is just like when I was a kid, a side of Creamy rice and Pork n’ Beans

Try with a white slaw

It’s even yummy on a bun like a burger!

Special Note!

Just watch out if you have cats in your house! Not only will your family love it, but so will they! I had to throw out a whole batch when I turned my back for just a moment to grab something and then discovered my cat Tux gobbling it down as fast as he could. So now when I open the can and my kitties come running, I pour the juice on top of their cat food for a special treat.

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