Found Something Beautiful at Goodwill Today

Usually when I go into Goodwill I really don’t find anything.  My girls call me a Goodwill snob!  It’s not that I have something against the store, I just don’t ever get a good chance to look around.  So I usually don’t find anything.  I do have to be honest, I have a hard time buying used sometimes when I can buy brand new at the same price or really close to it.  Ok, maybe I’m a little bit of a shopping snob. (insert giggle here!)

Anyway back to the story!  When I walked in the door I saw this incredible headboard.  It was love at first sight!  I have a passion for wrought iron and this just screamed, “Buy me!”DSCF3020

So, I bought it!  For $35!  I couldn’t believe it and I think it’s vintage.  Vintage!  Did they know what they were selling?  I had to stand over it, guard it, while I awaited hubby’s approval.  I wasn’t the only one who apparently wanted it and I was prepared to defend it if necessary.  Thankfully, he said , “Yes!”  Luckily for them, I didn’t have to bring out my shopping defense skills! 


This will be going in Becca’s room.  It will look beautiful against her dark blue walls; it was just the perfect find to help complete her bedroom.  I can’t resist when I find something really unique and this is unique.  I love how it curves.  It’s so romantic.

I guess the moral to my story is, take the time to look around a thrift store.  You might be surprised at what you find!  Goodwill snob no more!

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  1. mrs perry

    i bought this bed 5 years ago from a lady who told me it was early 1900s late 1800s i have the head and foot board. she needed the money i gave her 100 and drove 2 hours to pick it up. do you know anything about it?? its exactly the same as the one im laying infront of now!!! been trying to find info on it but cant??!?!?? HELP lol

    • Hi, I would check with Cathouse Antique Iron Beds. They were great with information about the bed that we bought. Here’s the link to their website They also have a Facebook page and they got back with us pretty quickly. I hope that helps. Have a very Merry Christmas!

      God Bless,

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