Girlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschool Planning

I can’t plan school without a planner.  I’ve tried several ways, computer programs and other planners, but none seemed to fit.  Some are just too complicated and some are just plain boring to look at.  I like things to be pretty and easy to use and versatile.  So since I couldn’t find what I liked, I made my own!  It’s super simple, and it’s really pretty.  You can use it for any type of school or method.  No matter what your planning or teaching style this planner will work!  To purchase just click here!

Front cover

Want to know everything this book contains?  Check out the pic below!  This book has tips, how-to’s and so much more!

Table of Contents

This is a sample of the Calendar Considerations page.  When you are planning out your year there are things you know you have to plan around.  Jot them down here and you won’t forget to work your school calendar around them!

Calendar Considerations

Classes/Co-Ops and more!  How do you keep track of them all?  Right here!

Coops classes

I love this page!  It keeps me on track and helps me see where I need to be when we do get behind. 

Course Projections

The fun stuff!  Keep track of field trip ideas or trips that you’ve been on throughout the school year!

Field Trips

These are the planner pages.  It prints as a two-page spread.  You fill it out as you need with classes on the tabs on the left side and plenty of room to write down assignments.

Planner Page 1

The right hand side of the planner pages with notes for the week and a section for things you might need to buy for this week or the upcoming week, like Chemistry supplies!  Also included is a place for things to do over the weekend.  Use it for homework, assignments to catch up on or things you as the teacher needs to do like grade papers!

Planner Page 2

There’s so much more that this book offers.  I just couldn’t fit it all in one page.  If you would like to purchase this book, just click here!

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