Halloween Fun!

After the wreck we needed a little something to relax our nerves and what did we do?  My daughter Emily took my special effects makeup kit (Doesn’t everyone have one?) and made Becca look like a zombie.  The great part is that I get to count this for school!  Emily is doing a cosmetology type class for school. 

I have to take total blame for this.  She has grown up with my doing special effects makeup at church her whole life.  I love doing it!  I don’t typically do zombies for church though. But it was fun doing something different and really neat to see her talent coming out. 

It was a scream!  Here is the final result!

becca zombie1

Tomorrow I’ll post a tutorial on how I zombiefied Becca.  Yes, Becca made me make her a zombie all over again yesterday just for fun!  We did a little bit of a different look than the one above.  If your kids or you are into being a zombie for Halloween thanks to The Walking Dead then this will give you a good idea on how to get the look. 

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