Having Trouble Picking Out your Clothes?

clothes hangerTry this!  My first thought was, “Why on earth would I want to display what I’m wearing?”  But I love it!  I can easily see the whole outfit all at once.  I can tell what is working and what I need to adjust. 

This is the outfit I needed to fix my bracelet for!  I have my jeans, t-shirt, cardi and my jewelry all picked out for tomorrow.  Good thing too, cuz I have to get up at 6am and I won’t be awake until 9am. This way I’m not picking out my clothes while I’m sleep walking!

All I used was a large Command hook.  I just got one of the cheaper ones, but they have really pretty ones, too.  They just cost a little more.  Make sure you wait the full hour before you use it!

It really makes putting together outfits so much simpler.  You should try it! I might even put a hook lower down, so my pants and skirts hang a little lower.  Who knows where this will lead!  But I will say this, my outfits are more pulled together and it’s so much quicker to walk out the door!

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  1. I love that idea. I actually have hooks like that on my children’s doors and hang their school clothes out each night for the morning. It makes our mornings smoother. Now if I could do the same for myself! lol!

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