Are you looking for a Homeschool Planner?

Look no further!  I’ve just finished publishing the “Girlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschool Planning”!  This is not like other homeschool planners.  I’ve been homeschooling for 12 years and these are forms that I’ve developed and used over the years.  But one big difference with this planner is that it is so pretty and elegant!  Most of the planners that I’ve looked at are preschoolish or plain.  Just because we’re homeschool moms doesn’t mean that we don’t want things to be pretty.  So I made the pages and the layout to be pretty with lots of femine colors.

There are pages for:

  • School Information and vision
  • School Calendar Planning Helps and the School Calendar
  • Subjects/Courses Planning
  • Goals for this Year
  • Field Trips
  • Reading Log
  • Attendance
  • Ideas for Next Year
  • Holiday Planning
  • Course Projections for staying on track
  • Classes/Co-Ops/Extras Planning
  • And most importantly….The Weekly Planning Pages!!!

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