Homeschool Planning 101- Daily Schedule

Homeschool Planning and having a daily schedule makes life easier!

I know that not everyone likes the idea of a scheduled home and if that’s you, do not turn away yet!  In my book, I give a little bit of reason as to why you should schedule, but here I’m going to give you a little more reason and how to do it.

I was blessed with three amazing kids.  They are now 16, almost 15 and 12 years old.  When they were little, they would wake up in the morning and ask “What are we doing today?”  If I tried to tell them  we’re going to the store, they would ask, “What time are we going?”, “When do we leave?” and so on and so on.  My kids came pre-programmed to be scheduled.  All of my friends laughed about it, and even today they are still like that!  So I learned quickly as a mom to come up with a schedule for my kids when they started school.

Scheduling is important in so many ways:  it gives you and them structure and an easier flow for your day.  So many people think that scheduling has to be rigid, but it doesn’t.  If you have an idea in head for which classes you’re going to do today, then that’s a schedule!  Most people naturally schedule and don’t even think they are doing it!  Schedules are also great because if you are sick, (I was sick this past year from August – November) then it gives someone else an idea of what needs to be accomplished and they can pitch in to help you alot easier than saying, “Just do some school stuff.”

It’s also great for the kids!  Unfortunately, in today’s world, everything is run by a schedule.  They have to learn sometime.  When I was sick, my kids were able to look at their schedule and see what they needed to get done each day.  It kept me from getting even farther behind.  Then I lost my mom in March and our world was rocked.  Even though we had been thrown way off course for some time, we were able to have some semblance of normalcy when we tried to get back to school.   Just know that during this time, I didn’t follow a time schedule, just the order at which we usually did things.

Making a schedule is easy!  You can use the “Daily Schedule” that is in my book “Girlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschool Planning” or come up with your own.  Think about the order that you’d like to do your classes and how your day usually runs.  Note!  I said “usually”!  I know that each day is different, but I’m talking about when there isn’t any emergencies that pop up.  Think about your child and how he or she goes about his day.  What is most important to you to get done, put first on the list.   Do you need to schedule around naps, classes, sports, etc?  Think about those and schedule around them.  Whether you assign specific times for each thing to be done is up to you.  I assign times, but that doesn’t mean that I’m rigid about it.  If a class goes shorter, I move on to the next class or if it needs to go longer, I adjust.  Schedules are meant to be flexible and give you support, so give one a try!

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  1. Hi! Came by thru THL Blogging Basics Blogroll.
    We use a schedule but I find after about 3 months it’s best too toss it out the window and write up a fresh one! Maybe we just get bored too easily round here! Anyway, I love writing em, love em a bit less when it comes to following em. 🙂
    Melyssa from

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