Homeschools and Dads

One of the comments I hear as Vice President of our local homeschool group is, “My husband is concerned about sports when the kids get older.” Well, it’s a very valid concern if you have a child that is geared for sports or the dad is. I have to admit that when we were thinking about homeschooling 10 year ago, it was a concern of ours. We figured that if our kids were athletic then by high school they would be in public school so they could play sports and possibly have a chance for a scholarship. What could homeschool sports, if there was such a thing offer?

As we went along homeschooling over the years, we began to wonder more about sports. My husband grew up playing sports and it became more obvious that our kids loved sports also. We began to wonder what it would be like after they aged out of rec. leagues, little leagues and the Y. Would we need to put them in public school to get to play? Then we discovered that our homeschool group had a joint team with another homeschool group.

We researched it and really liked what we heard. I’ll be the first to tell you this is not rec. ball! It is full on, totally competitive ball! It was a life saver, not only for my kids, my school, but it gave my husband something to brag to his friends and family about. Ok, us too! It has given my husband the outlet to have his kids in sports. Something to share with the guys at work, when they talk about their kid scoring the winning basket. It has also given us the opportunity to share homeschooling with friends, family and any other doubters about homeschooling.

There have been several dads that have heard about our sports program that have changed their minds about homeschooling because of the level of the competition. More and more dads are allowing their kids to play homeschool sports all the way through high school. Colleges are now even paying attention!

What we have learned over the past couple of years is an amazing answer to our question. An amazing answer to our prayers! Homeschool sports offer so much. Much more than just a chance to play sports, more than to give Dad something to brag about, but a chance to grow as an athlete, meet fellow homeschoolers, get looked at by colleges and most importantly, grow spiritually. And it has given my homeschooling husband, a chance to share something he loves with his children in a Christ honoring, competitive atmosphere.

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