Is Homeschooling in the U.S. in Jeopardy?

Have you heard about the German family that came to the U.S. seeking asylum from their government so they could homeschool?  If you haven’t or even if you have then you better pay attention.  It doesn’t even matter if you support homeschooling or not.  There is an agenda within our own government that we better wake up and pay attention to.

The issue is bigger than this one family that had to make the heart breaking decision to leave their country, their friends, their jobs, their families, everything to come here.  It’s bigger than the fact that homeschooling is banned in Germany.  It is the reason it is banned and it’s the reason that our government wants to deport this family back to Germany where they will be sent to prison and have their children stripped away from them and deemed unfit parents by their own government and for us to possibly find homeschooling banned here.

To get a fuller understanding, please click here and read what the attorney from HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Assoc.) says about the case and its importance to all of us.  Did you read it?  Good!  That saves me a lot of explaining!  The problem is our current government believes they have the right to determine what our rights, liberties and freedoms are.  They could potentially ban homeschooling here too.  This is unprecedented in the U.S.

For those of you that have just started homeschooling in the past few years, then you don’t have the experience of what we went through when we first started homeschooling. Even thought it is legal in NC., I remember being taught at homeschool meetings to not take our kids out in public during school hours, being asked why our kids aren’t in school when we did dare go out, being taught what to do when DSS showed up on your doorstep.  Yes those were the days!  But that doesn’t compare to what the ones a few years before me when through.  You guys have been blessed!

But let’s look a little more in the past. Have we forgotten what Germany did during WW2 to their kids?  What does their stance say about them today?  They no longer want people in their country to have a religious upbringing?  They know what is best for the children and not the parents.  Are they going back to another version of their WW2 state?  God I hope not!

But what about us? The nanny state is ever-increasing and ever-encroaching.  And now it has its aims set on homeschooling.  If this family gets deported, this could lead to huge ramifications on our rights here.  The government is trying to say that homeschooling isn’t a right and they can take it away.  Look at the other rights we are losing right now.  They already think they can tell us how to eat, what size drink to purchase, pushing more and more vaccinations, health care, gun rights, etc.  What will this say about Christianity in the U.S.?  We are losing more of our religious rights every year.  Are you ready to stand up and tell our government, that we know what is best for ourselves and our children?  That we don’t want to lose our rights?  Are you willing to make the phone calls, emails, etc. to get the message across to them? Or will you sit silently by and mumble complaints when you can’t homeschool your kids or your grandchildren are taken from their parents because they dared to do what God was leading them to do? 

I know I may have taken this to the extreme, but it is a possibility if we don’t take a stand now.

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