It’s Gardening Time!


Time to start planting!!!!  At least in North Carolina.  I’m going to have to redo the huge cottage style flowerbed that I started last year.  Unfortunately for me, I lost the battle against all the crabgrass that was originally there.  But I have not lost the war!  I had to make a retreat last year, but I’m coming back stronger this year.

Today I went ahead and purchased my climbing rose for the arbor.  We have to get or build a new one.  The one we had last year got demolished during all the storms we had in December.  I also bought an old-fashioned looking rose bush for cuttings.

So far I’ve only bought 3 seed packets to start indoors.  I got delphinium, baby’s breath and hollyhocks, all very old-fashioned and very cottage style. I’m not giving up this year! 

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