Junk Gypsies!

A Junk Gypsies Livingroom  Have you been junked yet?  If not get ready to be junked and gypsyfied!  I discovered a new show on HGTV today that I love!  Yes, love it already.  I have been bored to death with HGTV for the past several years.  The only shows I could find were about selling a house and buying a house.  I missed the decorating shows!

You know the ones, like Christopher Lowell who showed you how to put things together and to have a closet just for crafts and decorating and party things.  The ones that showed you how to do the cottage look and the country look on the cheap.  Not the ones that I see today where the houses look like museums.  I don’t like or want to live in a home where my family and friends feel like they can’t relax. 

Then today like a ray from heaven beaming down onto my tv, I found it!  The Junk Gypsies.  The name caught my attention right away.  I also don’t watch all the treasure hunting shows because to me they just seem like repeats of each other.   But this show was different.  They didn’t just go buy antiques and odds and ends but they remodeled one of the hosts living room with their finds.  It was way cool!  Vintage chic and eclectic and DIY all rolled into one.  And the hosts aren’t hoity twoity (did I spell that right?).  They are relaxed and down-home and make you want to go antiquing.  You have to check them out!  Check HGTV for your local times and tell me what you think!

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