My Favorite Little Plant


I finally discovered the name of the little pink flowers in my garden!  They are Oxalis.  They are also called Wood Sorrell or Shamrocks.  My aunt and I originally dug them up from grandmothers house.  Everyone just called them pinks.  I love them!  I can’t believe that they are also considered a weed.  Crazy!

I even found yellow ones growing in my yard too!  I have them and the pink ones edging my big flower garden and they had spectacular color.

Some of mine have gotten to be really big mounds of pink and green!  They look like fairies could be hiding underneath.  Which makes sense since I found out these flowers come from Ireland and my family is Scot-Irish.  They’re supposed to bring good luck and who knows maybe there’s a leprechaun hiding underneath.  I wonder if I can find his pot of gold?


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