My Skinny List

Here it is…”My Skinny List”!  I got it done, but I’m sure I’ll be adding to it as I think of things.  So how do I feel after making this list?  I feel good.  I thought it might depress me, but it is actually liberating.  Now I want to hurry up and get started on it! 

Don’t laugh too hard at the things I want to be able to do or be able to do better.  Some of these things I can already do, it will just be easier or look better when I lose the weight. 

I think this is going to be really neat, because organized, OCD, list making, freak that I am, I now have a checklist!  Yes!  After you’ve read my skinny list, add yours and let me know if you’ve posted it on your blog or you can post it here in the comments section.  Can’t wait to read your Skinny List!

My Skinny ListSkinny List 2012

1. Fit into a bikini (not that I’ll wear it in public at the pool, but that I can wear it)

2. Be able to wear a Maxi Dress (this one I have to do in a hurry for my daughter’s graduation party)

3. Be able to fit into my dresses again

4. Have less back pain

5. Have a flatter stomach (this may require surgery!)

6. Have more energy

7. Look good in a short skirt again

8. Wear skinny jeans (or slightly skinny jeans, I am a mom)

9. Have a smaller chest (this one is really personal thank you breastfeeding!)

10. Lower my cholesterol

11. Be able to fit into some of the gorgeous clothes I inherited from my mom

12. Have my kids not tease me about jiggly arms

13. Get my legs back into shape

14. Be excited in the dressing room when trying on new clothes

15. Get my volleyball serve back (ok so I don’t need weight loss for this, but I want it back anyway)

16. Buy a smaller bra size (this goes with #9)

17. Wear a size 6 again

18. Like how I look in a picture

19. Have my arms and legs toned

20. Be able to do yoga again without my tummy in the way

21. Feel proud of the way I look

22. Make it through a Jillian Michaels’s workout without killing over

23. Be able to finish a really tough programmed route on my indoor bike

24. Get rid of my J. Lo behind (not saying anything bad about hers, it’s just not a fit for me)

25. Strengthen my stomach muscles and find at least a two pack and not the one pack I’m sporting now



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  1. Love this list! Good luck!

    • Thanks so much! I’ll need all the luck I can get 🙂 Check back in later to see how I’m doing! Have a great day!


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