New Series! Homeschool Teens and Jobs

Homeschool teens and jobs can be so rewarding! I’m here to help with tons of tips!

Almost all of us remember our first job, whether they were really great, or really awful.  I landed my first job working the jewelry department at a department store at 15.  I was so proud of myself.  Now, two of my kids are working and number three is on the hunt.  We’ve learned a lot over the past several years, trying to balance homeschool, extracurriculars, jobs and social lives.  It wasn’t always easy, but we made it work.

I thought I’d share what we learned with you in a new blog post series, Homeschool Teens and Jobs.   Heres’s what I plan on covering for the next five Thursdays:

  • Balancing work, school, and extracurriculars
  • Where to apply
  • Interviewing
  • Things you and your teen should know about working
  • How to fit a homeschool schedule around your teen’s job
  • Teaching them to manage money
  • Dress for success
  • Responsibility-Asking my child to pay for things

Homeschool Teens & Jobs

Preview!  Next Thursday’s post will be all about applying, interviewing and landing that first job.  Stay tuned!

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas that you would like to know about having a teen working while homeschooling?  Let me know!

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