Planting my Dream Garden

This is my favorite vegetable garden plan.  It’s so pretty (say it like the little girl in Despicable Me)!  Anyway my hubby has made the decision (mistake) to let me plan and plant the garden this year.  I’m going to do it the way I’ve always wanted!  haha!  Take that hubby! (insert snickering giggle here)

I’m dividing the garden into six sections.  Becca’s section will be an Italian garden with herbs, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, garlic, etc.  Emily’s section is a Salsa garden with tomatoes, cilantro, green peppers, onions, etc.  Spencer’s section should be called the Hot and Spicy garden because he will  grow jalapenos, the rest of the peppers and more.  My section is the Kitchen/Salad Garden and it will have lettuces, spinach, carrots, cabbage, French green beans and more. 

The other two larger sections will divided up.  One will be for corn  and the other for cantaloupe, watermelon, spaghetti squash and maybe pumpkins. 

I hope to have it laid out so that when the plants grow in, it will be really pretty.  You know, like the ones on TV.  I’ll post pics as we go along.  I hope this works!

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  1. Jenni

    That looks like a great plan! I’m glad that your husband is letting you do a garden – how big will it be? Are you doing raised beds or tilling existing soil?

    • Hi Jenni! Thanks so much I’m so excited. I got the majority of it planted tonight. It was dark when I finished 🙂 I’m tilling our existing garden. We’ve been doing the standard rows for a few years and I’ve been ready to switch it up a bit for awhile. My hubby thinks it’s approximately 30′ x 40′. He and his brother just stood at the side of the garden asking me questions about how/why I was doing it this way. All while shaking their heads and smiling and telling me how it just won’t work. It was comical 🙂 Are you doing a garden this year? Have a great evening!


      • Jenni

        Yes, I am doing a garden. We were fortunate to have moved to a house where two gardens had already been planted. The previous owners LOVED bulbs, though, so while it was a beautiful sight about a month ago, now I’m waiting for the daffodils and other flowers to all die back so I can move them. I’m dividing each section into 3×6 blocks that I’m double digging and hopefully planting more extensively. I just posted a garden update if you want to see what it looks like so far:

        • Your garden is so pretty and I love your pictures. I have got to work on my picture taking skills 🙂 I’ll be following your blog to see how your garden grows. Can’t wait for more pictures! I’m hoping to post pictures of what we did yesterday later today if my computer is ok. I wound up with a nasty virus last night, but I think it’s gone now thanks to anti-virus. Have a great day 🙂

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