Product Tryout ~Suave Professional Dry Shampoo

suave dry shampooI have always wondered about these products…not that I go days without washing my hair.  Yuck!  But here in the South, things can go from pretty to pretty sticky in a minute.  One minute your freshly washed hair is really pretty and then within no time, it’s got this really icky feeling from all of the humidity.  So, I’ve wondered if these new lines of dry shampoos could help with all of that.

Emily and I purchased Suave’s Professional Dry Shampoo (Keratin Infused) to give it a try.  It was inexpensive and I got it at Walmart.  We’ll both be trying it out.  Which is great because my hair is really dark and her hair is super thick.  So, two different reviews!  We’ll be trying it out over the summer and we’ll let you know how it goes as we use it. 

About the product:  It’s a spray and you use it on your roots, massage, then brush through.  Easy enough!  It sprays out like hairspray so you can put it where you want it.  The products says that you can even use it on freshly washed hair for more volume.  I may have to try that out!

Have you used this product or one like it?  Let me know how it worked for you and stay tuned for our update!


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