Skinny List Update!

I’ve been working on my Skinny List!

I started out with a bang and was doing great exercising. I was doing a ton of videos on Netflix, walking in the evenings with my hubby and going to Zumba with my sister.  With all of that going on you would have thought I dropped a ton of weight.  But I didn’t.  Not really even a pound.  Disappointing to say the least.  Then I got sick with the never-ending summer cold and couldn’t get out of the bed for days on end.  It took me weeks to get over that crazy thing and by then it was the beginning of volleyball season. I hadn’t exercised in a month!

And now for the past month with very little exercise I’ve dropped 5 pounds and kept it off for over a month!  What did I do different?  My stress level is coming down for the first time in years.  We’ve gone through so much the past 6 years or so that my body was holding on to all of that stress.  Now that things are settling down, it’s slowly letting go.  My portion size has also gone down and that has helped too.

But I’m not starving myself and I’m still eating the same foods I’ve always ate.  So that is my next goal; eat better and increase my exercise.  I’ve gotten a little exercise from coaching, but not as much as you might think.  Right now I’m getting over a possible broken foot and ankle sprain, so it will be a few more weeks before I can have intense workouts, but that’s ok.  So, where are you on your Skinny List?

My goal is 5 pounds a month.  That puts me down 15 pounds for Christmas!  What a great present to myself!  What is your goal?

Have you noticed anything different yet?  I can already get into a pair of jeans that were super tight last year!  Share your updates!Blog Signature



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