The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty

You have to check out this website….The Beauty Department!  If you are one of the many moms that have forgotten how to do things like, use a curling iron or which is the best hairbrush, or how to do the new eye looks, then this site is for you.  I found it today thanks to my daughter Emily and Pinterest.

I couldn’t stop going through the site.  I honestly think I saw almost every page.  They have makeup, hair, fashion and tutorials.  I love the tutorials!  They show you step by step how to create a lot of the looks from a basic bun to wedding hair.  I even found a vintage hairstyle that I can’t wait to try!  Stop by their site and tell me what you think.  Did you find something you want to try?

Pretty Vintage Look:  The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. – page 29.

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  1. <3 Love it! Thanks for the tip.

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