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I started homeschooling 18 years ago and I can’t believe that all of my kids have graduated!  I wanted to create a blog to help other homeschool (current or graduated) moms.  A blog that is honest because as many good days as there are, there are also days where we’re left wondering what in the world am I doing?  I also wanted to share with you that even though you are home with the kids, or even have grown-up kids like me, that you can still look pretty, feel good and have a life outside of homeschooling.  As far as being a graduated homeschool mom, I’m learning a new life and hopefully you can learn with me or give me and my readers some great advice.

I’m a mom to three kids, and I’ve been married for 26 years to my sweetheart.  We dealt with a lot in our lives and the lives of our kids.  So, some of my posts will be about my family and everything that we have been through.  The good and the not so great.  But one thing you’ll figure out, we love each other and trust that God’s got this!

What will you find here:  Homeschooling Tips, Food, Fashion, Makeup, Drama Ministry, Parties & Events, Fitness, and so much more…

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